Reverse 1999 Guide – 10 Tips and Tricks for Begginers


Dive into the nostalgia of the classic game with our Reverse 1999 guide for begginers! Unlock 10 tips and tricks to navigate this unique realm effortlessly. Start your journey now!

Welcome to the ‘Reverse 1999’ Beginner’s Guide – your go-to resource for getting started and excelling in the game! Discover 10 essential Tips and Tricks to navigate the intricacies of this captivating world. Whether you’re a newcomer or looking to elevate your gameplay, this guide is designed to provide you with valuable insights and ensure a smooth beginning to your adventure in ‘Reverse 1999.

Reverse 1999 Guide

1. Build your first DPS character

Upon initiating the game, you’ll receive a 5-star character named Sonetto, an adept damage dealer capable of carrying you through the initial stages. However, if you opt to summon additional characters early on using the beginner banner, it’s advisable to do so within the first 30 summons for a guaranteed 6-star character.

The featured 6-star characters on the banner include Regulus, Eternity, and Lilia, all formidable characters facilitating smoother progression through game content.

Reverse 1999 Beginners Guide - 10 Tips and Tricks

Regulus functions as a conventional DPS character, excelling in straightforward damage dealing. Her ultimate ability, “Riot and Roll,” grants the entire team an evasion buff for one round.

Eternity adopts a hybrid role as a debuffer and attacker for your team. Both her debuff and attack skills deliver substantial damage, allowing flexibility in their interchangeability during battles. Notably, Eternity’s ultimate, “Odd Story in Exeter,” includes a healing component [Leech Rate +50%], compensating for the health reduction incurred by her debuff skill. Despite the 10% health cost per cast, the potency of the debuff skill, dealing 200% Reality Damage and applying ‘Nasty Wound,’ justifies the trade-off.

Lilia boasts the highest potential damage output among the three 6-star characters. Her ultimate skill, “A Small Trick,” inflicts 700% Reality damage and carries a bonus effect upon critical hits. While challenging to build in the early game due to her reliance on critical hits, as you progress, the acquisition of Phychubes enhances her critical hit rate. Lilia’s scalability into the end game makes her a valuable long-term asset, making her a recommended character to obtain

2. Get a healer & complete 8 daily letters

In Reverse: 1999, having a healer on your team is crucial for sustaining your characters and successfully navigating stages. Ensuring your team’s survival is paramount, and a healer plays a pivotal role in achieving that objective. While the game offers various healers, Dikke stands out as a favorable choice for beginners, especially since she is a free 5-star healer attainable by logging in for eight consecutive days.

While Dikke may not claim the title of the best healer in the game, her skill “Justice” extends an Area of Effect (AoE) heal to the entire team. Moreover, her ultimate skill, “Maverick Judge,” performs a self-cleanse, eliminating all [Stats Down], [Neg Status], and [Control] effects. This becomes crucial in situations where you require an immediate AoE heal, as you wouldn’t want your healer incapacitated by a negative status effect.

3. Unlock the Wilderness A.S.A.P.

The Wilderness serves as an automated resource mining feature, generating EXP and sharpodonty for your benefit. This valuable resource aids in accelerating the upgrade process for your characters. To gain access to the Wilderness, the completion of Chapter 1 in the story is a prerequisite.

Reverse 1999 Beginners Guide - 10 Tips and Tricks

As you advance in the game, you’ll acquire materials to enhance your Wilderness. The key objective is to focus on functions that enable the transformation of several common materials into a single rare material. Essentially, this combining function expedites the character upgrade process. Consequently, prioritizing the unlocking of your Wilderness immediately after completing the chapter should be a primary goal.

4. Battle Tips & Tricks

To begin with, let’s delve into the fundamental aspects of gameplay. In this game, you execute skills to launch attacks, apply debuffs, and more. The primary feature involves merging two identical cards to produce a two-star card. As you enhance your cards in the midst of battle, they may acquire special effects alongside heightened damage. Hence, it is advisable to aim for frequent card combinations to maximize their effectiveness.

Rather than excessively shifting your cards, consider eliminating the odd one out to streamline the process. If two identical cards are adjacent, they will automatically merge.

As you advance in the story, the stages become more challenging, requiring strategic play for a three-star clear. Observing the cards on the enemies’ heads provides insight into their upcoming actions. Ensure to boost your allies and debuff foes possessing the most threatening cards on their heads.

5. Upgrade your characters to AT LEAST INSIGHT LVL.1

For newcomers, concentrate on leveling up your characters to the initial maximum limit, which proves sufficient in the early stages. Upon reaching the maximum level, initiate an Insight to elevate your level cap and unlock special upgrades for your skills.

In essence, prioritize raising your characters to the highest possible level. As you embark on the game, aim to bring your first team to at least Insight level one (1). Additional character upgrades, such as ‘Resonate,’ will unfold gradually as you progress through the story.

Reverse 1999 Beginners Guide - 10 Tips and Tricks

Another avenue for character enhancement involves equipping them with Phychubes, essentially gear providing increased stats and unique effects. These items are obtainable in the shop, and you can acquire the necessary currencies through farming.

Fortunately, the game’s duplicate system primarily enhances skill multipliers, avoiding drastic changes in your characters’ performance. Therefore, there’s no need to worry excessively about obtaining duplicates in the early stages of gameplay.

6. Stamina Management 

During campaign play or resource farming, stamina is frequently utilized. Exercise caution to avoid exceeding your activity limit, as leveling up your account bestows additional activity points. While it’s possible to acquire extra activity through gem purchases, it’s generally advised against. Monitor the timers on your candies, which replenish activity, and ensure they do not expire.

7. Summoning Strategy

The beginner banner ensures the acquisition of one out of three characters after 30 summonses. Standard banners feature characters available for permanent summons. Exclusive characters are set to be introduced in upcoming releases. Keep in mind that banners with rate-up characters implement a pity system, so carefully consider your summoning priorities. It’s advisable to conserve your currency for 10x summons and refrain from hastily spending gems on stamina or other resources.

Reverse 1999 Beginners Guide - 10 Tips and Tricks

8. Team and Unit Focus 

Construct a harmonious team by including a sustain unit, a support unit, and a primary damage dealer. Prioritize leveling up your damage dealer initially, but also contemplate elevating a few additional units that offer refunds upon reaching level 23. Engage in experimentation with various characters, ensuring not to overlook the importance of maintaining balance in your team composition.

9. Campaign Progression 

As you advance through the campaign, additional features and resources become accessible. Prioritize this aspect, as unlocking stages such as resource farming and artificial sun missions is crucial for the growth of your account. Rather than getting stuck in the routine of resource stages too early, strive to progress in the campaign to secure more substantial rewards and achievements.

10. The Wilderness

Reverse 1999 Beginners Guide - 10 Tips and Tricks

Unlocking the Wilderness feature is achieved through campaign progression. This area offers crafting opportunities and substantial AFK rewards. Fulfill objectives and continuously enhance the “Paleo Hole,” your central hub. By doing so, you can maximize your AFK benefits and steadily improve your account.


In conclusion, embarking on a journey to explore the intricacies of the Reverse 1999 world can be both exhilarating and challenging for beginners. The 10 tips and tricks provided in this guide serve as valuable stepping stones, enabling newcomers to navigate the landscape with greater ease and confidence. As you delve deeper into the realm of Reverse 1999, remember that continuous learning and adaptation are key. Embrace the thrill of discovery, experiment with newfound knowledge, and build upon the foundation laid out in this guide. Whether you’re unearthing hidden secrets, mastering advanced techniques, or simply enjoying the nostalgic essence of 1999 in reverse, may this guide be your compass in this fascinating journey. Happy exploring!

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