It’s great news for the Apex Legends fans! There will be a new Apex Legends Level Cap Increase and players can enjoy it from season 14.

Unlike most other games, Apex Legends has been struggling to find a solution to its level cap. At launch, there were 100 levels available for players. However, in December 2019, that number was raised to 500. It’s been that way for two and a half years, but the new season is bringing everything new and a new endcap is one of them. 

Although many players might still be grinding Ranked in Season 13, Respawn Entertainment has teased its future for the battle royale. New information about Apex Legends Season 14 called Hunted has recently been released. Among the information revealed is that the level cap will finally be increased. To know all the details about the Apex Legends Level Cap Increase, read below.

Apex Legends Level Cap Increase

Apex had a level cap of 500 before. Players could earn XP playing any of the game’s modes, such as ranked matches, arenas, limited-time modes, or battle royales. Players were always guaranteed to get a little amount of XP, regardless of how well they performed, unlike ranked, which compensates players for performing well in games and penalizes them for quitting early.

The fact that XP account levels were one of the few options for gamers to get free Apex Packs made them valued. Apart from the cosmetics, these Apex Packs offer, opening lots of Apex Packs gives players a much better chance of earning Heirloom Shards, the currency that unlocks Heirloom melee weapons and Prestige skins in the game.

Apex Legends Season 14 Release date

Developers at Respawn Entertainment recently announced that the level cap would be raised for Apex Legends. This was announced on the official Apex Legends website, which also featured details about Season 14, which is releasing on August 9. On the website, it was written “Aim for staggering heights with the new Level Cap Increase.”

Apex Legends
Apex Legends

More about the level cap 

Apex Legends has had its level cap increased from 100 to 500 in December 2019, so this is likely big news for the game’s fans. Players have been waiting more than two years for the new leveling opportunity. Some on the internet have speculated that the new Apex Legends Level Cap Increase will be somewhere around 700 in Season 14. Respawn Entertainment has not announced the exact change and has not commented on it. 

Along with the announcement of an increased level cap for Season 14, Respawn Entertainment also revealed Vantage will join the cast of playable characters in Apex Legends. A leak that had been teasing the Legend for months was now officially confirmed. The developer’s website also disclosed that Kings Canyon will undergo a significant redevelopment during the following season.

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