Remnant 2 Hardcore Modes – How to Complete and All Rewards


You can choose Remnant 2 Hardcore Mode when creating your character, which sets the stakes high right from the beginning. 

Remnant 2, the popular co-op soulslike game, has raised the stakes with its newest addition, Remnant 2 Hardcore Mode. If you thought the standard playthroughs were tough, brace yourself for an even more demanding and challenging experience. Hardcore Mode is for the best of the best, putting players’ skills and determination to the test. But don’t be discouraged. For those brave enough to take on this difficult journey, exclusive rewards await. You can use different archetypes like Engineer, Explorer, Summoner, and other hidden archetypes in the Hardcore mode. 

In short, Remnant 2 Hardcore Mode is a permadeath mode. Your character gets only one life; if they meet their end, they are gone for good, and you’ll have to start over with a fresh save file. However, there’s a glimmer of hope in co-op sessions, where allies can revive downed teammates, offering a lifeline amidst the unforgiving challenges. 


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Remnant 2 Hardcore Mode

Dying during your playthrough will degrade your character, making each decision and action more significant. While the challenge may seem daunting, players who brave the storm will be rewarded with exclusive Hardcore Mode rewards, including unique rings, amulets, gear, and loot.

How to complete Remnant 2 Hardcore Mode?

To increase your chances of survival in Hardcore Mode, selecting the best class in Remnant 2 is crucial. As a souls-like game, dying is inevitable, so prior experience with the base game is recommended. Players who have completed at least one playthrough or extensive experience with the first Remnant game will be better prepared for the arduous journey ahead.

Playing Remnant 2 in Hardcore Mode has some limitations to maintaining a fair playing field and enhancing the challenge. You will only be able to join or create sessions with other players who also have Hardcore characters. Public lobbies are off-limits, so forming alliances and relying on friends equally committed to the Hardcore experience will be crucial.

Unfortunately, the lack of Remnant 2 crossplay means you can only team up with players on the same platform. While this might seem restrictive, it ensures everyone faces the same level of difficulty and competition.

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Exclusive Rewards

While specific details on the exclusive Hardcore rewards are scarce, Reddit threads from players suggest the offerings include powerful rings, amulets, gear, and valuable loot. As Remnant 2’s Hardcore Mode has only recently been released, the full extent of these rewards remains to be explored. 

Is Remnant 2 Hardcore Mode for You?

The question remains: should you go on this daring adventure? Suppose you are a fan of challenges and seek an adrenaline-pumping experience. In that case, Remnant 2 Hardcore Mode is made for you. The satisfaction of overcoming seemingly impossible odds and the thrill of every hard-earned victory will make your journey unforgettable.

Remember, this mode is not for the faint of heart, and perseverance will be your greatest ally. The risk of permadeath looms large, but the rewards will be all the sweeter for those willing to push their limits.

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