Best 10 Mobile RPG games of 2022


With a rise in mobile gaming, we are starting to see some great development in games. Keeping that in mind we have curated a list of the Best 10 Mobile RPG games.

RPGs have been popular among PC and console gamers for decades, and they are one of the video game medium’s foundational genres. As a result, RPGs have thrived in the mobile market, with Android and iOS serving as innovation hotbeds for the genre. The opportunity to escape into another world and embark on a huge adventure is more appealing than ever. And no other genre comes close to delivering on that promise like a solid role-playing game. Here is our list for the best mobile RPG games.

Best Mobile RPG games

1. Another Eden

Another Eden, a mobile RPG game from the creator of iconic RPGs like Chrono Trigger and Xenogears, is a new epic adventure for phones and tablets.

This modern twist on traditional JRPGs is ideal for anyone looking for a nostalgic RPG experience wrapped in a modern package. With its mind-bending plot of tremendous scope, Another Eden’s storey will transport you through Antiquity, Present, and Future.

2. Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact exploded in popularity shortly after its release in September 2020, and for good reason: it offers the action-adventure RPG brilliance found on consoles to your phone. It’s also completely free to play!

You’ll feel like you’re playing an interactive 3D anime if you dive into Genshin Impact’s elemental battle system, take in the magnificent graphics and animations, lose yourself in the epic-scale plot, and be charmed by the well-executed voice acting. Check out the upcoming Genshin Impact 2.2 updates.

3. Dragon Quest Tact

Dragon Quest Tact is a game that is similar to Pokemon but differs in a number of ways. Basically, you’ll have monsters battling for you, and they’ll do different things depending on how you deploy them. You can, however, get additional monsters, who you can then train and deploy in a fight.

Your goal is to catch them all and use the best ones to combat whatever it is you’re fighting. It’s a tactical game, as the name implies. And, while it may appear that the game is uninteresting at first glance, this is far from the case. You can also check our list of the Best Dragon Quest Tact Monster List

4. Eternium

Eternium is a fantastic and well-polished mobile RPG with a lot of action, a lot of dungeon crawling thrill, and a novel swipe-to-cast magic system. Eternium can also be played without a Wi-Fi connection if the content is downloaded beforehand. Even better, there are no ads and only a few in-app purchases that are entirely voluntary.

Once you’ve finished the main plot, you can play Eternium’s randomly created levels in Trials of Valor mode indefinitely. It offers a lot of replayability, which makes it the best mobile gaming RPG so far.

5. Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger is a delightful 16-bit sci-fi adventure with time travel and twists. Even this slightly subpar mobile conversion doesn’t diminish the fact that it’s one of the best JRPGs ever made.

It may have some appealing ’90s graphics, but don’t be deceived. Players will have the same experience as they did in 1995 on the Super Nintendo, but on a touchscreen. The 8-bit characters, surroundings, menu, and pretty much everything else are included in this.

6. Exiled Kingdom

Exiled Kingdoms is a one-player action role-playing game. It’s one of the few games in this genre that isn’t freemium. It follows a plot in which you must save the planet from horrors left behind from a prior disaster. The game’s graphics aren’t its strongest suit. They do, however, get the point across, and the menu structure is simple enough to comprehend. 

It has a similar appearance and feels to previous games like Diablo II and Baldur’s Gate. To locate all of the secrets, you’ll need to progress your character, complete the tale, and explore the environment around you, just like in other RPGs. The free version has a pretty lengthy trial period and two different character classes to play with. Everything is unlocked in the full version.

7. Old School Runescape

Old School RuneScape is a fantastic MMORPG to play. It’s a game that’s a little older and better than others. As a result, there are a plethora of missions, tales, and dungeons to complete. The character development is also good, and the different things you may learn make the game enjoyable. 

Unlike other games, this one is based on a subscription model rather than a free-to-play model, so you won’t be able to purchase your way to victory. The premium version, on the other hand, comes with more quests, storage capacity, and overall material. The writing can be difficult to understand at times, and the pictures aren’t really impressive. The game, on the other hand, is strong and enjoyable to play.

mobile rpg games
Old School Runescape

8. Shin Megami Tensei Liberation

This renowned Shin Megami JRPG spin-off for smartphones is a superb condensation of the parent games. It’s a seamless pleasure to quickly tap through battles and acquire demons. The game brilliantly mixes all of the best 2D anime images with almost-CGI-ish 3D graphics, resulting in a game you should download right now.

Even if you aren’t familiar with the tale, it is simple to get into and is a game that you will like, even if JRPGs aren’t your thing. We should see more of the gameplay alone, as it serves as an abstraction of everything else. The game is really wonderful with all of the elements in place.

9. Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition

With this port, Square Enix totally rebuilds the original Final Fantasy XV console game for a mobile audience, you couldn’t accuse them of not putting in the effort. This charming and straightforward game has the feel of a Final Fantasy game, but with a lighter tone. Make sure to have a look!

10. Almost a Hero – Idle RPG Clicker

A charming little game with an anti-hero theme that deserves a mention. You don’t actually play with heroes in Almost a Hero. Instead, you’ll have a bunch of slackers who want to be heroes. These normally ordinary characters can almost become heroes with your help and enough clicks. If you’re searching for a fun Android RPG with idle features, this game is a great and amusing experience that you should absolutely try.

This was our list of the best RPG games for mobile. You can also check out our list of the Best Mobile Strategy games.

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