How to get Red Hood in Goddess of Victory Nikke?



Want to unlock the Red Hood in Goddess of Victory Nikke? Then, discover the easiest ways to get her and find out her skills.

Goddess of Victory Nikke is a third-person sci-fi RPG and shooter game.  An immersive shooter game where you have to recruit anime characters and build a powerful girl squad. You can use weapons and battle skills to take part in combat. Use burst skills and crit skills to dominate the challenge. The game has a co-op feature and you can add 4 Nikkes to your squad. Every stage in the game features a boss fight.

You can use explosive weapons like firearms and rifles. Unlocking five-star units through the gacha system is tricky, so you have to complete the reroll process and summon the best units. Pulling five-star characters in Nikke gives you a massive advantage. As the first year anniversary event is about to begin, the makers of NIKKE have planned for new anniversary events and challenges.

Apart from events, a couple of new Nikkes will be added to the game as well. Red Hood, the SSR character has been added to the game. Red Hood was an active member of the ill-fated Goddess squad and an invincible attacking unit. Red Hood belongs to the code Iron and this pilgrim wields a powerful sniper rifle. You can summon Red Hood in many ways. Having this member of the Legendary Goddess squad can boost your skills and performance. So, find the best ways to summon the Red Hood in Goddess of Victory Nikke.

Red hood in Goddess of Victory Nikke
Red Hood

Best Ways to Unlock Red Hood in Goddess of Victory Nikke

Red Hood will be a primary attacking unit. She can be summoned in many ways. Here’s how to pull the Red Hood character in Nikke,

  • Spend Gold Mileage Tickets and summon her 
  • Use Gems and summon Red Hood through the Special Recruit 
  • Complete quests and new challenges from events

These are the ways to add Red Hood to your squad in the game. Red Hood skills are great. You can utilize her burst skills to the maximum and win battles easily.

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How to get Red Hood in Goddess of Victory Nikke? 3

Red Hood Skills in Goddess of Victory Nikke

Red Hood skills include two basic abilities along with a Burst skill. She’s an SSR attacker who uses a sniper rifle called Wolfsbane. Here are her skills and effects,

  • Glaring Eyes  – Use a normal attack to activate this skill. This skill will increase charge speed and charge damage. This skill works for 5 seconds and you can stack this 10 times
  • Wild Tooth – This ability will be activated as you enter the battle. This skill increases defense and pierce. Also, your hp is recovered from attack damage. Your ATK will also be doubled for 10 seconds
  • Burst skill – Red Wolf is her burst skill and this increases ATK for 10 seconds. The burst skill taunts enemies and reduces their hp. This skill also further increases your base damage stats

That’s everything you need to know about unlocking the Red Hood in Goddess of Victory Nikke and her skills. Unleash the Red Wolf powers and dominate the game.


Is Goddess of Victory Nikke Available for Mobile?

Yes, Goddess of Victory Nikke is a free-to-play gacha mobile game. It’s available for Android, iOS and PC as well. Explore the fantasy world with Nikkes and embark on your journey in the game.

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