Alan Wake 2 Come Up With a New Plan – Walkthrough and Guide


Facing difficulties in Alan Wake 2 Come Up With a New Plan objective? Do not worry, just follow this complete walkthrough and guide.

The ‘Come Up with a New Plan’ objective is very important to Saga’s story in Alan Wake 2. At this point, you need to gather important hints and make smart choices in order to move forward. This guide will show you how to complete Alan Wake 2 Come Up With a New Plan and give you all the information you need to beat the game and have a great time playing.

Use your torch
Use your torch

The Starting Point – Chapter 6: Saga’s Story

Alan Wake 2 Come Up with a New Plan starts for you after the tough fight with the Scratch boss in the Sheriff’s Station yard, which ends Chapter 6 of Saga’s story. This is when you find out the scary truth: Alan Wake is still stuck in the mysterious Dark Place. To come up with a new idea and move on in the chapter, do the following:

1. Engage in Conversations

Start by speaking to Casey and Estevez. Exhaust all available dialogue options with both characters. This interaction will eventually lead to Estevez handing you a crucial item, the Prison Cell Key.

2. Use the Prison Cell Key

Use the Prison Cell Key to access the Sheriff’s Station stash. This is a vital step in your journey.

3. Examine the Files

Examine the files on the desk in front of you. Make sure to collect both files:

  • “FBC file on Cauldron Lake threshold to another reality”
  • “FBC file on capabilities of light switch object – The Clicker”
The journal
The journal

4. Dig Deeper

Turn left and examine the files on the other desk. This time, you’ll find only one file to collect: “FBC file: Dark Presence assumed the form of Barbara Jagger.”

5. Add Clues to the Case Board

Add all three FBC file clues to the case board, focusing on the “Wake and the Clicker” case. The Barbara Jagger clue links to the “Scratch? Or Wake?” investigation, the Cauldron Lake threshold clue is connected to the “How to Rescue Wake?” investigation, and the Clicker capabilities clue joins with the “Clicker still useful?” investigation.

6. More Clues

Don’t forget to add any other clues you might have gathered to the case board. You may discover new lines of inquiry to pursue.

7. Profile Tor

Profile Tor, specifically regarding “Trusting Wake.” This action will provide you with essential information about the Clicker.

8. Discuss with Estevez

Engage Estevez in a conversation about the Clicker, and ensure you add the clue obtained from this conversation to the Case Board.

9. Profile Tor Again

Profile Tor once more, this time focusing on “Rescuing Wake.” This step will enable Saga to formulate her rescue plan, involving the use of the Clicker to extricate Alan from the Dark Place.

10. Share the Plan

Conclude the process by sharing your formulated plan with Estevez and Casey. This marks a significant turning point in your journey.

It’s essential to be aware that, at times, this objective may encounter bugs, particularly on PC. If you encounter issues preventing you from sharing the plan with Estevez and Casey, ensure that you’ve followed all the steps outlined above.

The Point of No Return

You will reach a “point of no return” after telling Estevez and Casey about your plan. This is a big choice that will have a big effect on how the game goes. You will have to drive to Cauldron Lake and carry out Saga’s plan if you decide to go ahead with it. This choice makes it harder for you to explore easily. Following that, you will start Chapter 7 as Saga and then play as Alan Wake, letting you finish any unfinished parts of Alan’s story and move closer to the end of Alan Wake 2.

When you talk to Estevez, you can choose the “Not Yet” choice, which lets you keep exploring Cauldron Lake, Bright Falls, and Watery. Now is your chance to finish any unfinished business, switch to Alan, restock, and get useful things like Alan Wake 2 lunch boxes and stashes. This choice is especially helpful for players who want to do a 100% completionist run.

Select the option
Select the option

Finally, getting through Alan Wake 2 Come Up with a New Plan objective is an important part of the game that needs careful planning and attention to detail. By doing these things and making smart choices, you can make sure that the story of Saga goes more smoothly and get the most out of your game experience.


What are the key steps to complete Alan Wake 2 Come Up With a New Plan?

The main steps include speaking to Casey and Estevez, gathering and examining files, adding clues to the case board, profiling characters, and sharing your formulated plan with Estevez and Casey.

What are the potential issues players might encounter with this objective?

Some players have reported bugs, particularly on PC, which might prevent them from sharing the plan with Estevez and Casey. Ensure you’ve followed all the steps carefully in case you encounter this issue.

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