Fans are left wondering after hearing about the Pokimane break from streaming on Twitch. Why did she take a break?

Pokimane is an extremely popular Twitch streamer at the moment. She has a large fan base, and she likes to keep things real with her fans. On Twitter, she expressed her desire to take a break from Twitch streaming for a while to reset her mental state. She stated that every once in a while, a mental reset was essential. To know more details about the Pokimane break from Twitch, read below.

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Pokimane break from Twitch streaming

Pokimane in her tweet said that taking regular breaks is important for one’s health and the longevity of one’s profession. She stated that she had been feeling the need for a mental reset as well as some time to concentrate on her offline life and herself. She also expressed her gratitude for the support her fans have given her over the years. Furthermore, she expressed gratitude for having put herself in a situation where she could take this kind of time off. Finally, she expressed her excitement about returning rested and prepared to create more material.

As of now, Pokimane break has clearly stated that she will not be streaming on Twitch anymore. For a long time, Pokimane was the largest female streamer on Twitch, as well as the top watcher on the platform. Though still quite successful in 2022, the streaming veteran has revealed that she is in the process of stepping aside to spend time recovering. 

She didn’t specify exactly what she will stop doing as part of this break, but it seems that her occasional streams on Twitch will now come to an end. Pokimane revealed her decision to step out of the spotlight on Twitter. She also expressed her gratitude to her audience for giving her the opportunity to take a break like this in the first place.

When the Pokimane break will get over?

Since Pokimane has announced her decision to leave Twitch for a while, the biggest question is when she will return to streaming. Thus far, she hasn’t provided any details about when she will return. 

The length of this break is uncertain; it might last days, weeks, or even months. No matter how long this goes on, Pokimane herself will be sure to announce on social media in advance when she will begin streaming again on Twitch.

Pokimane has recently made a number of trips. She just attended the eagerly awaited TwitchCon 2022 in Amsterdam after her visit to Korea. The RTS co-founder, though, had also been streaming nonstop.

That is all you need to know about the Pokimane break for now. 

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