Pokemon Go Mega Gengar Raid Guide – Best Counters, Movesets, and Strategy



Check our guide to know the best counters and movesets for the Mega Gengar boss raid in the Pokemon GO Crackling Voltage Event 2023.

Pokemon Go has many challenges, quests, and raids. With different sets of Pokemon getting added, trainers need to battle against them in small challenges or as a boss raid. Mega Gengar is one of the challenging raid bosses in Pokemon Go. Mega Gengar is a Ghost/Poison type and it’s immune to a variety of moves. You can counter Mega Gengar with any Psychic, Ghost, Dark, or Ground types in the game. Mega Gengar has extremely High CP during boss raids and this makes it one of the most powerful Pokemon. Mega Gengar is also a faster troop with several charged moves. Sludge Bomb, Lick, Shadow Ball, and Hex are some of its powerful move sets and charged moves during the raids that you need to tackle.

Right now, the crackling voltage event is live and trainers can encounter the Mega Gengar boss during this raid. The Mega raids in the Crackling Voltage Event include Mega Gengar and Mega Aerodactyl. You can battle against various Pokemon throughout this event which will be held for 5 days in Pokemon Go right now. And to those who are looking to defeat the Mega Gengar boss in the mega raid of Crackling Voltage Event in Pokemon Go, here’s our Pokemon Go Mega Gengar boss raid guide and strategy. You can use the team combinations and counters from our guide to defeat and catch a mega gengar in the game.

Mega Gengar Boss Raid – Best Pokemon, Counters, and Movesets

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Crackling Voltage Event Pokemon Go

There are several Pokémon that will help you to complete the boss raid against the Mega Gengar boss in the crackling voltage event. Shadow Mewtwo, Gardevoir, Mewtwo, Mega Latios, Espeon, Hoopa (Unbound), Gallade Mega Alakazam, Deoxys (Attack), and Calyrex (Shadow Rider) are some of the counters against the Mega Gengar boss for this raid.

Hoopa Unbound

The psychic/dark Pokemon is the best option to counter the Mega Gengar boss. With the magician abilities and special attacks, none other than Hoopa Unbound can be your pick for this mega raid. Hoopa Unbound has a powerful offensive moveset, the Psychic can deal massive damage against the Mega Gengar boss. Confusion is another best moveset that will give you the best defense. Utilize its magician skills to attack faster and deal more damage. With its best base attack and CP, Hoopa Unbound is your first choice for the mega raid against the Gengar boss in Pokemon Go. You will be able to defeat the Gengar boss with Hoopa Unbound and its massive skill sets.


Gallade, the psychic/fighting type is another great option to tackle against Gengar. Utilize Gallade’s confusion, psychic, and close combat move sets to gain maximum advantage in the battle. Gallade’s experience in PvP battles will help you to thrive against the Mega Gengar boss. Gallade’s DPS is one of the best, and you can exploit its abilities in this boss raid  against Gengar. The confusion moves will attack faster and it can also inflict massive severe damage against the boss. Gallade is a powerful tank and you can overcome Gengar’s moves and damage with its extra defense. Gallade is another best counter to against the Mega Gengar boss in this raid.

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Mega Gengar Boss Raid


A powerful Psychic type in Pokemon Go with the best cp, attack, and stamina can be a potential threat against the Mega Gengar. Mewtwo has five powerful best movesets along with excellent DPS stats. Psystrike confusion, hyperbeam, thunderbolt, and shadow ball can be your best movesets to deal massive damage during the raids. Utilize thunderbolt to inflict severe damage and get an initial advantage in the boss raid. Hyperbeam and shadow ball can be used to unleash fiery attacks. Mewtwo is another best Pokemon to go against the Mega Gengar boss.

Calyrex Shadow Rider

Calyrex, the psychic and ghost type in its Shadow Rider form, will be a beast. With two powerful movesets, Confusion, and shadow ball, you can unleash its best attacks. Carylex is a faster troop and can inflict severe damage with its movesets. Calyrex has the best attacking stat with great stamina which makes it hard to ignore it for this raid. Carylex can attack from long range and this is another best option for the raid against the Mega Gengar boss.

Deoxys (Attack)

The Mythical Psychic type on its attack evolution form is another good pick for the boss raid against Mega Gengar. Utilize its Zen Headbutt, Zap Cannon, and Dark Pulse charged moves to negate Gengar’s attacks and moves. Dark Pulse unleashes hard attacks and it can be harder for Gengar when it’s used. Overall, Deoxys is another best option and can be your trump card against Gengar during the mega raids.

Defeat the Gengar boss and also complete tjr other tasks to get new rewards and XP. You can go with these team combinations from our guide and other best combinations can also be utilized.

With this our Pokemon Go Mega Gengar boss raid guide and strategy are done. Use these Pokemon to complete the mega raid against Mega Gengar. You can also encounter against other Pokemon in the ongoing Crackling Voltage Event to get new rewards and XP.

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