Pokemon Go Fest 2022 – Ultra Beasts, Rewards, and more


The Pokemon Go Fest 2022 is coming and there are lots of details that you must know if you are a Pokemon Go fan. 

New Pokemon are being added to the game as Niantic holds the Pokemon GO Fest all over the world. Trainers can also get their hands on Ultra Beasts at the upcoming Pokemon Go Fest 2022. It was recently announced that Ultra Beasts Buzzswole, Xurkitree, and Pheromosa would make their first public appearances at Pokemon Go Fest 2022 events in Seattle, Sapporo, and Berlin.

Trainers who complete their Special Research quests will have access to the three new Ultra Beasts after releasing the giant Rock and Poison jellyfish, Nihilego. Niantic has confirmed that everyone will have access to the Ultra Beasts later in the season, even if you aren’t able to attend. To know all the details about the Pokemon Go Fest 2022, read below. 

Pokemon Go Fest 2022: Dates

The first Pokemon Go Fest will take place in Berlin on July 1-3, the second will be in Seattle on July 22-24, then the third will be in Sapporo on 5-7 August. On Saturday, August 27, there will be another virtual Global Pokemon Go Fest finale event. Niantic says this will help players overcome the recent disappointing shiny luck they experienced.

What will you get at the Fest?

While trainers in Berlin can catch Pheromosa, players in Seattle can catch Buzzwole, and players in Sapporo can catch Xurkitree. In addition to offering exclusive research quest lines that end with a legendary Pokemon, the Pokemon GO Fests offer a greater chance to catch shinies and catch region-specific Pokemon. The event will also reduce players’ hatching distance and grant them access to Cowboy Hat Snorlax, as well as unowns A, B, E, L, R, S, T, and U.

Beast Balls

Additionally, with the debut of multiple Ultra Beasts, developers are also adding Beast Balls to be used to capture them. The Beast Ball is the result of Rhi of the GO Ultra Recon Squad and is a special and rare Poké Ball. Attendees can use these items as part of Special Research while at each Pokemon GO Fest event to help them catch an Ultra Beast. Be sure to take advantage of the Research for a better chance of catching the Beasts.

The Ultra Beats will be available globally in the upcoming Seasons as well, so trainers that are unable to take part in the Pokemon GO Fests will have the opportunity to capture them in the near future. The developers will be sharing information soon regarding the same.

pokemon Go ultra beasts
Pokemon Go Ultra beasts

This was everything about the Pokemon Go Fest 2022. The Ultra Beasts and the Ultra Balls are really exciting and if you can then grab this opportunity and enjoy the game.

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