Who is ‘vcreateart?’ Pokemon fan turns Eevee into rock type


Pokemon fan turns Eevee into rock type: All you should know about Who is ‘vcreateart?’ A Pokemon fan turns Eevee into a rock type.

A Pokemon fan has turned Eevee into another evolution, and the new evolution that they have developed is known as Jadeon, which takes inspiration from the gemstone Jade.

The characteristics of the new evolution consist of green, blue, and grey color tones, a stiff face, and using its healing qualities to show affection.

This is the first time an evolution has taken place in the Pokemon Eevee. There have been a total of eight evolutions that have taken place since the release of this Pokemon.

Here is everything you should know about Pokemon Eevee’s evolution and learn all about it. 

Eevee (Pokemon Fandom)

Who is ‘vcreateart?’ Pokemon fan turns Eevee into rock type

Vcreateart is a popular Instagram user who has uploaded Eevee to a rock-type Pokemon and got great results.

He took to his Instagram page to release the vector version of Vcreateart. The physical features of the Pokemon include black and grey tones and a white heart-shaped ornament on his chest.

There are details on the tips, and his face is sort of a mask. The evolved version of the art adds context, such as the jewellery Pokemon.

The abilities that Jaedon has are a clear body and a rock head. Another aspect of this Pokemon is that it has a stiff face, and the Pokemon cannot display a lot of emotions on its face.

With a different set of abilities, the evolved version of Pokemon has healing abilities to help humans and Pokemon. 

Conclusion – Pokemon fan turns Eevee into rock type

Pokemon fan turns Eevee into rock type: Vcreateart, the original creator, has uploaded the evolved version of the Pokemon Eevee.

However, they are extremely excited by the new evolution and intrigued by it. Pokemon’s Day is set to come, and Pokemon fans are extremely excited to go and see what more is to come and take a look at the announcements.

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