IShowSpeed dog name: What controversial word did the streamer christen his canine?


IShowSpeed dog name: All you should know about IShowSpeed’s dog name is what controversial word the streamer christened his canine.

IShowSpeed, whose real name is Darren, has also always been known for being a Cristiano Ronaldo fan, and part of his love for the legendary football player is that he is a popular YouTuber and streamer with a following of 15 million on Instagram and 22.6 million subscribers on YouTube.

He is known for being funny and making controversial videos, but he has caught people’s attention again by controversially naming his dog.

Here is everything you should know about IShowSpeed’s new dog and more.

IShowSpeed dog name: What controversial word did the streamer christen his canine?

IShowSpeed went to a pet store in Miami and adopted a dog, and he created a poll wherein he gave his fans the choice of what dog they should adopt.

After the poll results came, ShowSpeed adopted a black-furred puppy. The controversial name that he gave his pet dog was n**ga.

He took to his friend’s Twitter to announce his dog. He captioned the tweet, saying, “I just adopted my first dog. His name is Ni**a.”

There were mixed reactions from fans, and one user took to the X account and tweeted, “What do I call him?”

Another one stated, “The dog finds out what you named him.”

There were many hilarious reactions that said, “How do I say his name if I’m white?”.

Another user mentioned, “Sharing the same name is so wholesome.”

The breed of IShowSpeed’s dog has not been mentioned explicitly, but it can be assumed that he’s an American Shepherd Puppy.

Conclusion – IShowSpeed dog name

IShowSpeed dog name: There were so many reactions that came from fans, and IShowSpeed’s cameraman also took to X’s Twitter to post about the dog, but he refused to mention his name in the caption. Some fans found his move to be hilarious and took it as a joke. However, Speed has left a lot of fans stunned without giving them the option to take his name.

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