What are the Benefits of Path of Exile Necropolis Mystery Box?


Path of Exile Necropolis Mystery Box is not being subtle about anything. What are they and what are the benefits? Find out here!

All right, here we go again. The concept of microtransactions is never ending and it’s one of the most controversial methods/ business models in the video gaming industry. The reason I mention controversy is because this is the only way free to play games on revenue.

On the other hand if a game is supposed to be played for free, why do these games have in-game shops and have tons of small transactions integrated into them. Might as well be a full release and let players purchase the game if they want to. This debate of microtransactions might never be ending add as of today, Path of Exile Necropolis mystery box is going all out with its microtransactions concept.

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Path of Exile Necropolis mystery box

Path of Exile Necropolis Mystery Box- The not-so-Subtle marketing tactic

We are going to be honest here, at least the game is self-aware that it relies on microtransactions to earn revenue and give continuous updates for gamers to enjoy. The latest Necropolis mystery box is also marketed as of microtransaction heavy investment for gamers.

This mystery box is available as of now and it is said that none of the items in the mystery box are duplicates. They claim to have various cosmetic animations for gamers. Not to mention that most microtransactions only affect the cosmetics of the game and not the gameplay at all.

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Path of Exile Gameplay

To attain these microtransactions players need to use 50 points to purchase them. There are 22 different items to obtain and as mentioned before none of these items will be duplicate for players. This means that players who have earned their hard points on the game will have a chance to obtain an exclusive item from this path of exile necropolis mystery box. The best part about this transaction is that as none of the items repeat every single time this box is opened players will obtain a new item.

Path of Exile Necropolis Mystery Box- The Breakdown

Before we continue if you’re scared of crustaceans, please be aware of the upcoming necropolis skins because most of them have a crustacean-themed cosmetic item. I’m scared of crustaceans so I’m not a fan of these but if you are into hybrids of humans and animals then these skins might be the perfect fit for you. There are a bunch of crustacean helmet variations and also crustacean body armor variations.

In addition to that, this Path of Exile Necropolis Mystery Box contains gloves that are shaped like claws for obvious reasons, and finally boots that surprisingly look human enough. OK if you want authentic crustation stuff there’s a shell that can be attached to your back end you can look like a huge crab walking around. Even the image itself might trigger a lot of people so just be careful while purchasing these items.

Path of Exile Necropolis mystery box
Path of Exile Necropolis mystery box

The remaining items include commander helmets and other body armour similar to the crustacean-themed cosmetics. In addition to that they have maven-themed cosmetics as well including gargoyle and octopus hybrid pets. The list can go on so the best way to know what this Path of Exile Necropolis set consists of is to click here.

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When was Path of Exile released?

Path of Exile was released back in October of 2013.

What genre is Path of Exile?

Path of Exile is a Hack and Slash multiplayer online game.

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