Path of Exile Tier List – All Classes Ranked


Looking for the top class in Path of Exile? Our Path of Exile tier list below is essential for you. Plus, don’t miss the end where we reveal the best class.

From an overhead perspective, Path of Exile is an RPG game where the player controls a single character and explores large outdoor areas, caves, and dungeons, fighting monsters and fulfilling quests from non-player characters to gain experience points and items. In encampments, all players can freely mingle, but outside of encampments, all players or parties have a separate map to explore, providing an isolated environment for every player or party.

There are different classes available in the game and each class is aligned with either a strength, dexterity, or intelligence attribute. Scion, which used to be locked prestige classes, are aligned with all three attributes, except for one. In order to become the best, you should be aware of the best class in the game. For that, you will need a Path of Exile tier list, where the classes are ranked according to their strength in the game.

Path of Exile tier list

It is not restricted for different classes to invest in skills not aligned with their core attributes, but it will be easier for them to access skills aligned with their core attributes. A wide variety of basic types are randomly generated and endowed with special properties and gem sockets. There are varying rarities and varying levels of power.

In addition, skill gems can be placed in armor, weapons, and some types of rings to give them an active skill. A large part of gameplay is dedicated to finding well-balanced and synergistic equipment. As a character progresses, the equipped skill gems also gain experience, which allows the skills to become stronger and more effective.

S Tier

Main ClassSub-class

A Tier

Main ClassSub-Class

B Tier

Main ClassSub-Class

C Tier

Main ClassSub-Class

D Tier

Main ClassSub-Class
Path of Exile gameplay
Path of Exile gameplay

So this was the Path of Exile tier list. The classes in the S tier are the strongest. However, this does not mean that the classes in the lower tier are not strong at all. It might be different for you so you can try it out from different tiers too. We recommend you to start from the S tier and then go for the A and the B tier classes. 

Best Class


We feel that Necromancer is currently the best class and you should definitely give it a try.  A Necromancer is usually a very powerful class in a role-playing game. This is the same in Path of Exile as well. You can summon a lot of minions to help you destroy the enemy, and you can also generate corpses if you need them. The S-tier is the most consistent class out of all the others.


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