Best Xbox Series X Games in 2024


This article showcases the best Xbox Series X games in the year 2024. All these games have been handpicked for gamers to experience.

The best Xbox Series X games are those where the developers and publishers try to reinvent old franchises while creating new ones that will stick to players. Since Microsoft has been in this industry for more than 2 decades, they have enough resources and experience to deliver quality products. This is a list of the best Xbox Series X games in the present year.

Best Xbox Series X Games Overview

As these games are handpicked, all the best Xbox Series X games listed below are exclusive for the Xbox Series X console or the Game Pass on PC. Game Pass is a subscription service by Microsoft that delivers exclusive as well as other games. Below is the list of best Xbox Series X games offered to players.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

One of the best 2D platform games ever produced on any platform is Ori and the Will of the Wisps. With its deadly foes and dangerous surroundings, it’s undoubtedly difficult. Still, there’s no better thrill than triumphing against overwhelming odds. The linked maps entice you to find shortcuts, and the stunning visuals will entice you to explore the visual treats that await you as you go.

If the minimum refresh rate on your TV or monitor is 120Hz, Ori and the Will of the Wisps runs at a silky smooth 120 frames per second on the Xbos Series X. Your jaw will drop at the color graphics if you’re playing on one of the top OLED TVs. Arguably one of the best Xbox Series X games that comes under the platformer genre.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps Cover

Forza Horizon 5

Forza Horizon 5, the newest semi-arcade, semi-simulator racer from Playground Games, is excellent right from the start. Its opening sequence is an intense, heart-pounding experience that never lets up, and much of the rest of the game is similar. Whether you’re racing in the Baja desert, a tropical rainforest, or on a sun-kissed beach, Forza Horizon 5’s Mexico is breathtakingly gorgeous, bordering on “is this real life?”

You have a racer with dozens, if not hundreds, of hours of thrilling gameplay when you add in hundreds of graphically rendered, lifelike automobiles. Not only is it an excellent demonstration of the Xbox Series X/S series of consoles, but it’s also entertaining on Xbox One. My personal favorite of this list of best Xbox Series X games in the racing genre.

best Xbox Series X games
Forza Horizon 5 Cover

Gears 5

When it’s safe to have people over to your house, Gears 5 is the game you should play the most. It may be purchased separately or with Xbox Game Pass. The Coalition has dedicated a significant portion of the past year to perfecting Gears 5, an action game that debuted in 2019. The goal was to bring the game’s campaign to life with breathtaking native 4K graphics and 60 frames per second. Gears 5 is unquestionably one of the best games in the Gears of War series and a wonderful place to start if you haven’t played any of the others.

There are also 120hz performance levels for multiplayer for a snappier, more responsive experience, should your 4K TV be compatible with it. Never take Gears 5 lightly as this franchise is well deserved in this list of best Xbox Series X games.

gears 5 review
Gears 5 Art

Hi-Fi Rush

For the Xbox Series X, Hi-Fi Rush practically appeared out of nowhere and quickly gained popularity. The emphasis on music and cell shading in Hi-Fi Rush will appeal to fans of Jet Set Radio. For those who are nostalgic about Sega’s classic, Hi-Fi Rush is an excellent alternative to a modern JSR. This franchise is a new entry in this list of best Xbox Series X games.

The fact that Hi-Fi Rush is a rhythm game shouldn’t scare you. You can still have fun solving platforming puzzles and fending off hordes of corporate drones even if you have no sense of rhythm. The colorful and eclectic array of people in the quirky plot adds to the charming quality of the bizarre environment. Not only is Hi-Fi Rush among the greatest Xbox Series X games, but it’s also among the top games of the current generation of consoles.

Hi5 rush
Hi-Fi Rush Gameplay

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator frequently gives the impression of being a portal into another reality. You may take use of some of the most amazing aircraft ever created to fly to any part of the world from the comfort of your living room. Whether you’re using a controller or have invested in one of the best joysticks for flight simulators, Microsoft Flight Simulator is an absolute marvel. If you’re interested, check out Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox Game Pass.

Although the simulation’s complexity can be difficult at first, once you get the hang of it, there’s no better sensation than taking to the skies. Even though this is considered a simulator, there is a spot reserved in this list of best Xbox Series X games for this simulation experience.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Cover

Halo Infinite

A true ode to the elements that initially turned the Halo series into the massive franchise it is now, Halo Infinite is. It achieved this while also setting a new standard for sci-fi shooters. In place of the more linear campaign structure of earlier Halo games, Halo Infinite offers players a semi-open world situated on the dilapidated yet beautiful Zeta Halo. Collectibles, Forerunner secrets, Banished outposts, and a ton more are all included. When you’re not exploring Zeta Halo, the story missions scattered throughout the ring will probably have you spellbound.

If you enjoyed the previous games, you’ll probably love what the Halo Infinite campaign has to offer. It presents a story that is more in line with Halo: Combat Evolved. Furthermore, Halo Infinite includes a complete multiplayer suite that can be played for free, so if you have a PC, an Xbox One, or an Xbox Series X/S, you can start playing right away. The mascot of Microsoft eases its way into the list of best Xbox Series X games.

halo 1
Best Xbox Series X Games in 2024 10

Sea of Thieves

Since its 2018 release, Sea of Thieves has advanced significantly. Thanks to consistent updates that have significantly improved the game, Rare has transformed Sea of Thieves from a somewhat shallow pirate adventure into a daring success. Most significantly, there is a ton of stuff available in Sea of Thieves today, including skeleton fleet hunts and story missions. Sea of Thieves offers a more gratifying core experience thanks to improved mechanisms and tangible prizes at stake. Sea of Thieves operates smoothly at 60 frames per second in 4K on Series X and 1080p on Series S on the next platforms. Additionally, the shorter load times on both consoles significantly lessen disruptions to your journey.

Sea of thieves
Sea of Thieves Cover

Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Although Halo: The Master Chief Collection is a vast and scary collection as a whole, nothing is jammed in or added hurriedly. Attention has even been paid to the modes that only a tiny but devoted number of Halo enthusiasts find appealing. Among the many tools available in the new Forge mode is the opportunity to create a multiplayer arena from the ground up. Though most gamers won’t use it in reality, the mode hasn’t been made any less enjoyable.

Master Chief Collection allows gamers to experience these games as our memories have shaped them over time, raising the bar for remastered compilations. Whichever your primary motivation for purchasing The Master Chief Collection is—to retell the tale, relive the experience, this one is for Xbox fans and all gamers alike. Who said nostalgic games cannot make this list of best Xbox Series X games.

halo master chief
Halo The Master Chief Collection Cover


Taking a vacation from Fallout and The Elder Scrolls, Bethesda releases a brand-new role-playing game. Many of the same design elements from other Bethesda games will be recognizable to fans, coupled with some fresh improvements with an outer space theme. Starfield has an incredible galactic scale, yet it might not improve your life.

It’s an accomplishment that Bethesda Game Studios has released its first new IP in fifteen years. A huge space role-playing game, Starfield is much more than just a cosmic version of Skyrim. Join Constellation to explore the wonders that lie buried throughout the galaxy, build your own spacecraft, meet allies and adversaries, and perhaps even start pirating. Starfield offers a plethora of activities and is only growing. This game has the potential to be the biggest game on this list of best Xbox Series X games

Starfield 01 Aufmacher 2
Starfield Cover Art

Are all the games on this list exclusive?

Yes, in this list of best Xbox Series X games, all games are exclusive to the Xbox console or the Game Pass on PC.

Are all these games released in the present generation of gaming?

Some of these games are remasters of previous games and some of them are released in the previous generation but all these games are well deserved in this list of best Xbox Series X games.

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