One Punch Man World Reroll Guide


Want to play with some of the best characters from One Punch Man? Here’s the One Punch Man World reroll guide that will help you.

As an exciting action RPG that offers a rush of fun and challenges, One Punch Man: World stands out in the world of gacha games. This game takes players right into the world of the popular anime One Punch Man. 

It was made by T3 Studios and released by Perfect World Games in partnership with Crunchyroll. One Punch Man: World is a must-play for fans of the genre. It has beautiful 3D graphics and a cast of well-known characters. Here’s the One Punch Man World reroll guide that will help you to get the best characters.

One Punch Man World gameplay
One Punch Man World gameplay

What is One Punch Man World Reroll?

In One Punch Man: World, rerolling is a strategy move that lets players get desirable SSR heroes or Impression Arms to improve their first game experience. Because gacha pulls are random, learning how to do the One Punch Man World reroll is very important for getting off to a good start in the game.

The Importance of SSR Heroes and Impression Arms

One Punch Man: World’s power and strength come from its SSR (Super Super Rare) heroes and Impression Arms. These top characters have powerful skills and stats that make it easier and more skillful to take on tasks. Because of this, One Punch Man World reroll is an important part of the game because it lets players get these desired items right away.

How to do Rerolling on Android Devices?

When rerolling in One Punch Man: World on Android devices, there is a set way to do it that is meant to make the process easier and more efficient. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to reroll on Android:

1. Log in Using a Crunchyroll Account

Begin by logging in using your Crunchyroll account or other third-party applications supported by the game.

2. Skip the Tutorial for Expedited Access

If you want to get to the gacha system faster, skip the introduction part and quickly learn how to use summons.

3. Use Free Draws Strategically

Use the free draws to your advantage to call up figures. Pay attention to the Beginners Draw, which gives you a choice of famous figures right away.

4. Leveraging the Redraw Feature

You can use the “redraw” feature up to 10 times more if the first draw doesn’t give you the SSR hero or Impression Arm you want. To get the best results when you do the One Punch Man World reroll, save the results of your three favorite draws.

5. Creating Multiple Accounts

To get different results, players can close the game and restart it, which will make multiple accounts. Use different IDs to log in and start rerolls to see what other options are available.

How to do Rerolling on iOS Devices?

The steps for rerolling on iOS devices are the same as those for Android, so the process is the same and easy on both. To do a good One Punch Man World reroll on iOS, carefully follow these steps:

  • Use your chosen account information to log in.
  • You can skip the introduction lesson to get to the gacha system faster.
  • You can use the free draws to call up characters, focusing on famous ones.
  • If you need to, you can use the “redraw” option to make up to 10 more tries.
  • Save the outcomes of your favorite draws to improve your chances.

How to do One Punch Man World reroll on an Emulator?

Installation and Setup

It is important to run the game on a 64-bit emulator in order to start the rerolling process. This makes sure that the game runs faster and stays stable while you play. Launch the game and go through the full download process once the installation is done. When you’re done, close the game to get ready for the rerolling process.

If players would rather, they can download the game’s APK file and use the emulator’s APK Installer to install it. This method is flexible and easy to use, especially for people who like to put things by hand.

Cloning Instances

One of the best things about using emulators for rerolling is that you can make multiple copies of the game. Go to the Manager menu in the software and make copies based on what your computer can do. To speed up the rerolling process, it is recommended to make multiple copies.

Initiating Rerolls

Once the process of cloning is done, start the One Punch Man World reroll process on each clone one at a time. This organized method lets players handle many reroll choices at the same time, increasing their chances of getting good results. Carefully look at each One Punch Man World reroll result and move on as needed.

Optimizing Results

In the case that the One Punch Man World reroll doesn’t go well, players can delete the cloned instance and make new ones from the original instance. This looping process lets players improve their rerolling approach and try to get the best results possible. Sticking with it and making smart decisions are important parts of the rerolling journey.

Starter draw
Starter draw

Binding Game Accounts

Binding your game account is an important step to protect your progress and make sure you can access it easily from any device. When starting the game, players will be able to log in in a number of ways, such as through Crunchyroll Games, a third-party service like Google for Android, or iCloud for iOS.

The process of binding makes sure that your game data is saved safely and can be easily viewed whenever you need to. It is important to know that One Punch Man: World does not have a “guest” mode, which shows how important it is to tie your account for constant gameplay.


As a conclusion, players who want to start their game journey with a competitive edge must learn how to do the One Punch Man World reroll. By using the smart rerolling strategies explained in this guide, players can improve their chances of getting desired SSR heroes and Impression Arms, which will make the game more fun overall. Players can get the most out of One Punch Man: World and enjoy its exciting adventures if they plan ahead and don’t give up.


Why is Rerolling Important in One Punch Man: World?

Rerolling serves as a strategic maneuver for players aiming to acquire coveted SSR (Super Super Rare) heroes and Impression Arms, enhancing their initial gameplay experience. Given the random nature of gacha pulls, mastering the art of rerolling is crucial for gaining a competitive advantage in the game.

What are SSR Heroes and Impression Arms?

In One Punch Man: World, SSR heroes and Impression Arms are the epitome of strength and power. They have amazing skills and stats that make progressing through the game easier and improve your fighting skills. These top-level items make it much easier for players to deal with different enemies and tasks in the game.

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