One Punch Man World Gacha System Guide – Everything You Need to Know



Uncover everything about One Punch Man World gacha system and learn the best tips to reroll.

One Punch Man World, the action RPG is not a regular gacha game. Here, players need some serious luck to pull the SSR fighters. The gacha system in One Punch Man World is totally different from other gacha games. SSR and SR fighters are the best units to summon, but the process is never easy.

One Punch Man World is an anime action and it’s inspired by many popular manga series. Saitama plays the hero and other fighters have to join him in the metropolis. As you complete the tutorial, you get an option to pull some banners. As you progress, you have to spend World Silver and World Gold to add more fighters to your party. Here’s everything about the One Punch Man World Gacha System Guide, Banners and Reroll.

One Punch man World gacha system

One Punch Man World Gacha System

In One Punch Man World, the gacha system functions in a different way. You can summon an SR fighter in the 10th draw. Also, you can pull an SSR hero in 60 draws. Other than these, you are guaranteed to get an R-ranked hero.

These draws are as per the gacha system rules of One Punch Man World, but you are sure to get a higher ranked hero with more pulls. To summon more SSR heroes, you have to complete every mission in the headquarters and earn silver and gold. You can check the in-game mailbox in One Punch Man World to claim freebies.

 Probability for Obtaining Heroes in Different Rarities

Every draw in One Punch Man World costs 260 World Silver. And, you have to spend 2,600 World Silver to complete x10 pulls. If you fail to pull a unit, then you will receive Impression Arms. The probability for obtaining SSR items and characters stands at 0.3-0.6% and the probability for SSR Impression Arms is 0.3 %.

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Gacha system

The probability for obtaining an SR item or character will be above 3-5%. Also, the general probability for getting R Impression Arms is 84%. This is how the gacha system of One Punch Man World works. You have to toil hard in the metropolis and earn World currency to equip the top-tier fighters.

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After completing the first set of tasks with Saitama, you will be given a chance to reroll. It’s better to summon the strongest S-ranked heroes instead of wasting your rolls for SSR fighters. Once you progress in the campaign, you can use Silver and Gold to unlock the high rarity fighters of One Punch Man World.

That’s everything you need to know about the One Punch Man World gacha system and reroll. We will come back with more interesting updates soon.

How to Earn Collectibles in One Punch Man World?

Collectibles like currency and silver are essential resources in One Punch Man World. These can be earned by completing Joint Action System quests and Story missions. Also, you can use promo codes to get World Silver and other resources. With these, you can upgrade skills for fighters and develop their stats.

Who are the best fighters to reroll in One Punch Man World?

Silverfang, Zombieman and Metal Knight are the top-tier units in One Punch Man World. These SSR fighters have the best skills and potential and can be your best options to reroll.

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