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Check our One Punch Man World beginners guide and unravel the top tricks and strategy.

One Punch Man World, the riveting action game based on anime manga, is finally launched. One Punch Man World is an open world action game where you play as Saitama, a young boy in the city. Saitama can meet new fighters and join together to defeat enemies in the world. You can utilize fighters’ physical powers, supernatural skills and special abilities. Every fighter in One Punch Man World has a unique fighting style.

You can dodge and block combos and special attacks of enemies. Every story in One Punch Man World takes you through complicated challenges and each level has different objectives. There are small tasks like killing enemies twice and there are boss battles against enemies including Subterranean King, Mosquito Girl, and Beast King.

Battles in One Punch Man World are strategy-based. You have to utilize fighters’ skills, combat techniques and special moves. There are even arcade games and other in-game events where you meet other fighters from the One Punch Man World. Overall, One Punch Man World is an exciting battle adventure game for windows and mobile. Here are the key strategies and tricks to play One Punch Man World.

One Punch Man World Beginners Guide & Walkthrough

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Location in One Punch man World

Here are simple tips and key strategies that will help you to begin a successful campaign in One Punch Man World.


To dominate the world of One Punch Man, players have to summon the strongest fighters to their party. In One Punch Man World, first you have to meet the receptionist and then complete the starting quests. Then, you will be given an opportunity to complete reroll and summon SSR characters. Launch One Punch Man World as a guest user and then complete the reroll. Once you are satisfied with your heroes, you can link your official account and then explore the world of One Punch Man World.


In One Punch Man World, there are various skills and combos for characters. Every skill can be performed with the right controls. Utilize skills of your fighters rightly to win boss fights and story quests. Be it combo attacks, signature attacks or dash attacks, these skills and moves are key to winning combat in One Punch Man World.

Focus on SSR Fighters

Not every fighter in One Punch Man World boasts the powers and abilities of SSR characters. Yes, SR characters are good for battles. But, SSR fighters are incredible units and have some lethal attacks and combos to demolish opponents. With the available currency and gems, you can always pull the strongest SSR fighters in One Punch Man World.

Upgrade Heroes

Every fighter in One Punch Man World needs an upgrade. You can upgrade fighters’ skills and combat powers from the character development tab. With exp points, gems and currency, you boost skills for all SSR and SR fighters. The character development is a unique feature in One Punch Man World and you can utilize this tab to power-up your abilities and win battles efficiently.


One Punch Man World gacha system allows players to get familiar with fighters. The Training Ground tab provides an opportunity for users to utilize skills and learn about combat techniques. You can master everything like dodging skills, depleting attacks, combos and learn about the enhanced state.  You can complete both basic and advanced training with all fighters in One Punch Man World.

Customize Settings 

One Punch Man World lets you customize all in-game settings. Right from gameplay to camera, login to display and more can be changed. The gameplay settings like movement, virtual joystick and battle lock mode can be adjusted. These will help you to win combat and knock your punches effectively. If you have changed settings unknowingly, then you can restore them to default.

Clear Story Quests

Completing story quests and objectives will unlock rewards like Credits, World Silver, World Gold and EXP Card. Apart from these, you have to reach new milestone levels with your team and complete quests to unlock major in-game features like Team, Deployment, Mail, Collectibles and even Events.

One Punch Man World beginners guide

Boss Battles

Boss fights are one of the main challenges in gacha games. In One Punch Man World, there will be boss fights in different chapters and stories. To complete these boss fights, you have to meet NPCs in the metropolis. Each headquarters in One Punch Man World takes you through different challenges. Boss fight offers Currency, World Silver and Exp Cards and these can be used to develop your characters.

Earn Consumables

Consumable Items are essential and handy in One Punch Man World. These are used to purchase new items, upgrade fighter skills and unlock new things in the headquarters. Also, to complete joint action missions and commissions, players need energy. Energy is one of the primary consumables in the game. Along with energy, you have to start collecting World Silver, World Gold and Exp Points to level up your teams and characters as well.

Explore the World

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One Punch Man World is an incredible open world adventure game. You can utilize the Teleport feature and travel everywhere in the metropolis. The mini-map makes sure you reach the destination correctly and complete objectives. The Hero Association is the central hub and you will meet various NPCs here. You can complete tasks and unlock SSR fighters as well. As you start completing tasks, you will unlock the Joint Action System feature. Through this feature, all fighters in One Punch Man World can be upgraded.

Deploy these strategies from our One Punch Man World beginners guide and embark on a successful journey in the open world.

How to Get Unlimited Collectibles in One Punch Man World?

Collectibles like currency and silver are essential resources in One Punch Man World. These can be earned by completing Joint Action System quests and Story missions. Also, you can use promo codes to get World Silver and other resources. With these, you can upgrade skills for fighters and develop their stats.

Is One Punch Man Available for PC?

Yes, One Punch Man World is available for windows. You can play the game on PC through BlueStacks. One Punch Man World is also available for Mac and you can play through an emulator.

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