Once Human Game Closed Beta Announced? Here’s What You Need to Know


This article discusses about the Once Human game as it was tweeted recently that Closed Beta was on its way.

Once Human has only been revealed for the PC through Steam thus far. As of right now, after the latest tweet, the Closed Beta Test of Once Human will be on PC and mobile devices, so players shouldn’t anticipate it to debut on consoles.

It is highly probable, though, that the game will get console ports if it turns out to be a hit. In that case, crossplay—which enables multiplayer gaming across platform boundaries—is probably going to be added.

What is Once Human Game About?

An eerie and bleak post-apocalyptic world is the setting of the massively multiplayer survival game Once Human. All living things on Earth, including plants and animals, have contracted an infection that can only be escaped by meta-humans. In order to survive this apocalyptic world, you’ll need to forge forth alone or with others, gathering new equipment, constructing bases, and learning the truth about Stardust—the extraterrestrial who caused the apocalypse.

A lot of people are saying that the game is better than what they had anticipated The Day Before to be. Speaking of The Day Before, that game was a huge disaster and was panned by critics and gamers. Once Human is a huge open-world survival game with base construction, personalization, and a central mystery. Positive feedback has been received for the beta, and Starry Studio, the developer, has responded to comments quickly.

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Once Human Cover

Once Human Game Developer Updates

Using their current login credentials, all returning players from the last beta will have automatic access to the future test.

It is advised that new players keep an eye on our Discord channel for the launcher pre-download. Downloading the launcher in advance guarantees access to this beta. The pre-download period will begin a few days before the beta release and end when 150K downloads have been made.

Because the mobile version is still in its early stages of integration, this beta will contain the mobile version (iOS and Android) on a limited test scale. There is no unique or exclusive access to the PC version for the mobile version. On the official website, interested players can apply right now for access to the mobile version.

On the mobile edition, users can go on with the same PC character and communicate with friends who play on different platforms.

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Once Human Screenshot

Once Human Game Objectives from the developer

In this universe, your primary goal is to survive; although your body is significantly stronger than that of a typical human, basic demands like hunger and thirst are still ingrained in your DNA. You won’t last very long without food and drink. But always remember to proceed with caution.

Although the crystal-clear lake water and the wild fruits growing by the side of the road may appear innocuous, Stardust has utterly destroyed this planet. The unfathomable has become real in Once Human. You have to be on the lookout for any hazards. You cannot retain your humanity if you lose your sanity. When exposed to Stardust, your sanity will be diminished. You’ll discover that you’re straying dangerously close to insanity.

From these updates, it seems like Once Human has taken huge inspiration from other survival games such as Days Gone and The Last of Us series. Hopefully, after the closed beta test, we will have more updates about the Once Human Game. As of now, the anticipated release date for this game is in Q3 of 2024.

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Once Human Snap

What genre is Once Human game?

Once Human game is a survival horror game

When is Once Human game releasing?

Once Human is expected to release in Q3 this year i.e. 2024

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