In this Noah’s Heart guide, we will tell you lots of tips and tricks that will help you in the game and allow you to play easily.

A lot of expectations were attached to Noah’s Heart since it was developed by the same group that made Dragon Raja, another awesome mobile MMORPG. You won’t be disappointed in this game, especially if you’re looking for an immersive RPG experience with a lot of interactivity. 

Noah’s Heart is an MMO with a variety of commands and a lot of complexity, and it can be somewhat difficult to start up if you’re used to other MMOs with auto-combat or auto-questing, in which you can just be AFK and let the game do its thing. Moreover, it can be difficult for you to understand. Therefore, we have Noah’s heart guide which has some of the best tips and tricks that will help you in the game. 

Noah’s Heart guide: Explore

There is more to Noah’s Heart than fighting your enemies all the time. This is an adventure game in which players can explore a whole lot more than battlegrounds and weapons alone. Besides fishing, photography, crafts, hunting, and other side activities, the player has a variety of activities to engage in. You can reach this super chill mode by slowly progressing through the game.

Noah’s Heart guide: Game Modes

There are two options: role-playing and action adventure. Role Playing mode introduces you to two aides named Ave and Shirley as you progress through the game. These people help you with your first combat encounter, show you Fairy Town, and tell you about Noah’s Heart’s beginning.

You will meet Ave and Shirley throughout the campaign who will explain each new feature as it emerges. When taming your first horse, Ave will show you how to keep it in check and not fall off. In the more simplistic game Action Adventure, you hunt down and eliminate your enemies right away.

Noah’s Heart guide: Combat

Noah’s Heart doesn’t have an automatic combat option, so you’ll need to use these special controls whenever you are confronted with violence. In combat, the controls consist of a right-handed skill button, a left-hand movement stick, and a dash move. Noah’s Heart lacks classes, so your only weapon and your ability to kill monsters are what matters.

Battle gameplay
Battle gameplay

Phantom System

In Noah’s Heart, your player can recruit a variety of characters for their player to possess, which is essentially the same as equipping them to their avatar. The Phantom System allows your player to control multiple characters at once. 

Your character will gain additional ways to engage and defeat anyone standing in your way once possessed by the selected phantom, including their stats, as well as their unique abilities. Noah’s Heart is also a gacha game since it has phantoms that can be summoned through special currency aside from the ones you get from the story. To obtain the cash for summoning, you’ll need to spend some of your time doing tasks and grinding.

Pay attention to the chests

You should pay close attention to the chest in this game. There are currently three types of chests in the game: Common, Exquisite, and Grand chests; you can find common and exquisite chests on rooftops and a couple of hidden locations, but it is harder to locate grand chests.

If you see a tall building or lighthouse, climb it. Most towers have grand chests. They are usually under large rocks or difficult to reach places. These areas will give you the most valuable items compared to others.

Master the grappling hook

If you throw your grappling hook at a big boss, you will face them in an instant, but if you throw it elsewhere, you will be able to escape. Learning how to use the grappling hook is crucial to your combat success.

Use your weapons carefully

Since Noah’s Heart doesn’t have classes, your only way to attack is the weapon you’re using and your own monster-killing skills. Each weapon has its own unique combo based on a particular type of maneuver, like aerial attacks. This suggests that it is crucial to utilize the proper weapon against the appropriate enemy.

Noah's Heart gameplay
Noah’s Heart gameplay

Use the Auto-Navigate tool

If you’ve got an entire planet to explore and countless quests to complete, then you’re at risk of getting lost. You’re not lost, though, because Noah’s Heart comes with an amazing Auto-Navigate tool that keeps you on track, sending you to the right monsters or the goals you’re aiming for right now. You can find out your current target by looking at your quests. For hard-core gamers, you can gain clues from talking to NPCs. Domino is especially helpful, providing answers and directions.

Polearm is a go-to weapon

When dealing with numerous enemies and more tougher enemies, polearm might be the weapon of choice. You can defeat several enemies with long sweeping attacks and long-range strikes, and they will also help you in hit-and-run tactics against super-powerful enemies.

You can change the game’s difficulty

At first, you might feel that the game is very difficult and that doing things in the game is not easy for you. You should go to settings > operation > set Phantom’s Ultimate CG to “First Time Daily” as well as turn on Grapple Hook Aim Assistance since this will help you navigate Noah’s Heart’s map with ease. You can quickly grapple items by touching any object on the screen while the grappling hook aim help feature is enabled. 

Additionally, “Indoor Sprint” should also be enabled since it will save you a lot of time when you are inside a building. This is due to the fact that most games do not allow the player to run inside buildings, which makes the game very slow.

Noah's Heart gameplay
Noah’s Heart gameplay

That is everything you need to know for now to advance in the game. If you follow our Noah’s Heart Guide then you will definitely improve your game and have more fun.

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