New Orleans Saints starting Quarterback Jameis Winston might just give the glimmer of hoped required by the New Orleans Saints to get their ‘car-to-the-playoffs’ right on track. After seen practising with the entire team on Wednesday, there are high chances that the QB would be feature in the team’s clash on Thursday Night against Arizona Cardinals.

jameis winston
Jameis Winston

Having to make a return, following a back injury – it seems like Jameis Winston could be a gametime decision. He was side-lined for two consecutive games due to his back injury and the Saints are well aware of what they are risking if they put Winston on the field, before he’s ready. 

However, the positive sight is that Jameis Winston was already listed as a third-string Quarterback behind Andy Dalton and Taysom Hill, against the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 6. So, this does give an idea that Jameis Winston might be all set to take center stage on Thursday Night. 

Can Jameis Winston be the X-Factor of Saints in Week 7 vs Cardinals? 

Even if Jameis Winston does not start for the New Orleans Saints on Thursday Night, it is clear that Head Coach Allen – wants to get his key player on the field to get some gametime under his belt. 

That being said, it looks like the Saints and their loyal fans would need to wait till Wednesday to find a definite answer of Jameis Winston’s inclusion vs the Arizona Cardinals. Moreover, with both these teams sitting at a record of 2 wins and 4 losses in 6 games – a win is must for both of them. The only question here remains is whether Jameis Winston be able to bounce back from his devastating back injury for not in Week 7. 

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Jameis Winston – New Orleans Saints QB

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