If you’re Dan Snyder, Tuesday wasn’t the best of mornings for you. Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Isray publicly decided to condemn the former for his workplace actions amid on-going investigation and reportedly stated that it was in the best interest of the other owners of the league to ‘force’ Dan to sell the Washington Commanders as early as possible. After the franchise decided to fire back on Isray with an official statement.

Dan Snyder
Dan Snyder

Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslem decided to get into this mix and got brutally honest in stating that it is no one else’s business to comment upon Dan Snyder and Washington Commanders’ situation. With the entire league and different investigators trying to condemn the culprits, take a look at what Haslem opinionated.

It’s premature for anybody to make any comments,” Haslam said. “We need to follow the process.” The Cleveland Browns owner plans to wait on the findings from Mary Jo White’s investigation and advised Isray to not get deep into the mud amid tensed fiasco involving Dan Snyder.

What drama in unfolding in Dan Snyder’s botched workplace investigation?

Dan Snyder seems to have run a botched workplace for years where numerous female co-workers were sexually harassed on a daily basis. Having already been criticised for being aware of such abysmal practices going within his workplace, are reports that Snyder might be forced via subpoena. Moreover, Snyder has caused problems for Congress as well, as he refused to testify in even such tensed scenarios.

This just goes onto highlight why one has never seen hostility towards one particular team owner. What Dan Snyder has done, will and always should be feared upon-even if anyone comes aware of one-bit of it. But as the investigation approaches its end, the severity of the punishment depends upon the findings of the final investigation. Lastly just do give a brief to everyone on who’s leading the investigation. In February, the league hired Mary Jo White to investigate former employee Tiffani Johnston’s complaints against Dan Snyder.

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