Aaron Rodgers, the reigning MVP always knew that his Green Bay Packers could perhaps enter their most difficult campaign ever since he took over in 2008, in this current season. With plenty of young yet inexperienced Wide Receivers coming into the mix, it seems like the Green Bay Packers are unable to land on the same wavelength.

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Aaron Rodgers and Zach Wilson

Although Aaron Rodgers led Wisconsin side have been in decent form in the 2022-23 season, they haven’t been able to stamp their authority just yet. One of their most humiliating losses came in the recently concluded Week 6 showdown vs New York Jets. After which the veteran Quarterback decided to get as real as possible on setting the agenda straight for the remaining games.

Rodgers decided to let everyone, who question his young offensive line, know that the NFL is by no-means an easy league to contest in. He quoted, “Pretty far, hopefully. Listen, I knew there were going to be growing pains. But I also think that maybe there are certain biases that come into the league about certain teams, and we forget the parity that we have in this league.”

Aaron Rodgers gets real after Packers drop Week 6 game vs Jets

We played two different ball teams in the last couple of weeks. I know we are expected to win games, we thought we were going to win both games. But Giants were like a pretty real team, I would say. Our win against Patriots a couple of weeks ago now looks a little better now after they shut out the Lions and, you know, dominating win last week. The league is stronger across the board. The difference between winning and losing is so minutely thin.” Aaron Rodgers concluded.

Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers has witnessed his team bow out two both the teams in New York in the past couple of weeks. Knowing that the offensive line needs to take up more responsibility, starting with the Quarterback, Packers need to ensure that they do not fall behind in the regular season – just so they have to throw the kitchen sink towards the business end.

That being said, Rodgers would be hoping to increase his work-rate after throwing for 246 yards in Week 6-if he wants his team to outperform their next opponent – Washington Commanders to improve their claim and rank in the NFC North.

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