Will DeAndre Hopkins play against the New Orleans Saints on Thursday Night Football?


After being suspended for the initial 6 games of the 2022-23 season, Arizona Cardinals are finally going to have their wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins. The 30-year-old veteran will look to boost the unpredictable and inconsistent Cardinals’ offensive line on Thursday Night, when his team locks horns against the New Orleans Saints. 

DeAndre Hopkins
DeAndre Hopkins

With both teams sitting at a 2-4 record after the first 6 games of the 2022-23 season, a win for each of these team in crucial in they are to make a bid for the playoffs in this season itself. Moreover, DeAndre Hopkins’ arrival for his team could not come at a greater time as Marquise Brown has been ruled out of game-action for foreseeable future. 

Especially with Kyler Murray looking to find an ultra-fast player in clutch and pressure situations – it is a well-known fact that DeAndre Hopkins could be the favortie target for his Quarterback in his season debut. 

Why was DeAndre Hopkins suspended for first 6 games? 

After an incident in early May of the same year indicated that DeAndre Hopkins failed a PED (Performance-enhancing drug) test administered by the league in November 2021, the concerned player was left clueless of this substance got into his body. Having to deny it in an instance, Hopkins made everyone aware that the amount received in his body could be transmitted via food or drink or anything. 

Despite maintaining his innocence throughout the suspension, DeAndre Hopkins withdrew an appeal that would’ve challenged the spoken off ruling.  

That being said, he will now join a 2-4 Cardinals team, who need to register consecutive wins in order to make a strong bid for the playoffs. Can DeAndre Hopkins prove to be the X-Factor for this team starting Week 7, remains to be seen. 

Deandre Hopkins 2
DeAndre Hopkins

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