Indianapolis Colts witnessed Frank Reich being fired after their team suffered a brutal 26-3 loss via the hands of New England Patriots. This resulted in Jeff Saturday, a familiar face to all football fans, especially Colts fanbase.

Jeff Saturday 3
Jeff Saturday

To those who are unaware Jeff Saturday needs to quickly get into this turnover – from an ESPN analyst to the interim Head Coach. Moreover, he is a six-time Pro Bowl and a two-time first-tea, AP Pro-center, having plated 13 seasons for the same team (1999-2011) and spent 2012 with Aaron Rodgers’ Green Bay Packers. Jeff was serving as an analyst for ESPN since 2013 itself.

Many believe Jeff Saturday retired as he stopped ‘enjoying’ the sport and that is just when he thought about not being a part of the game-action. In an interview, as per, Jeff quoted, “I always told my wife, ‘Look, when it’s not fun, that’s when I’m going to know it’s time.’ I just wasn’t as energetic about it. And my toe was hurting.”

Jeff Saturday all set to replace Frank Reich

Indianapolis Colts acquired Frank Reich after his Super Bowl title with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2017. With expectations set beyond the seventh sky, Reich never stood tall on those. His record in the postseason (1-2) was a clear indication of it.

Back in the day, Jeff Saturday was considered as one of the most terrific centers in modern-day NFL. That being said, the Indianapolis Colts have the sixth-worst offense in the league. They also average the fewest points per game in the NFL this season with 14.7. This will be the primary concern of Jeff, as to how he improvs these numbers if his team are to make a last bid for the playoffs.

Jeff Saturday 2
Jeff Saturday

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