Bill Belichick’s New England Patriots thumped Indianapolis Colts 26-3 on Sunday, to eventually force the team to fire their Head Coach – Frank Reich. While the score might signify such brutal dominance, yet the former team wasn’t all pretty, especially on one end of the ball.

Bill Belichick and Mac Jones
Bill Belichick and Mac Jones

To those who missed the live game-action, New England Patriots registered just 203 total yards in the win for a second game in a row. They majorly struggled to get the ball in the end zone. Their offense scored just one TouchDown, which ironically came after a blocked punt set them up at the Colts’ 2-yard line. Eventually settled for a field goal on four other drives.

Kendrick Bourne
Kendrick Bourne

This isn’t the first time New England Patriots have sneaked a win of this sort in this 2022-23 season. Even against the New York Jets, they emerged victorious 22-17 with just one TouchDown and having kicked five field goals. This led to Kendrick Bourne picking upon their offensive woes and answering them bluntly.

Kendrick Bourne on New England Patriots’s offensive woes

“We just want to score more touchdowns as a group. No frustration, a win is a win, we win, it’s all good. But we definitely want to score more, once we play as a team, we need to be able to score,” Patriots receiver Kendrick Bourne said, as reported by Clutchpoints. “Especially the defense putting us in a great position, we have to take advantage. They’re balling, so we’ve just got to play better football, special teams, defense.

“Offense just needs to pick it up. Points is points, three points is good, but you never know how these next games are going to go, so putting up points is just more secure.”

Kendrick Bourne
Kendrick Bourne

To those who are unaware, New England Patriots’ 46.15 red zone conversion percentage is the fourth worst in the league. Lastly, Bourne thinks that the Colts’ physicality might have played a role in the Patriots not finishing drives, but also acknowledged that they still have to do better.

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