“He went over the edge”- Skip Bayless didn’t like Lamar Jackson shouting at his O-Linemen


Baltimore Ravens’ #1 QB – Lamar Jackson has surely been amongst the top picks of the MVP accolade for this season. Having got no guarantee about his future destination, Jackson is out there proving a point and the team’s latest win against the New Orleans Saints depicted just what he truly deserves.

Lamar Jackson
Lamar Jackson

In the spoken off game, there was one particular incident wherein Lamar Jackson clearly showcased his frustration to offensive Lisman – Ronnie Stanley following a delay-of-game penalty. Which led to many question the former star. However, the first person to come out and call the Ravens #1 QB was veteran sports media personality – Skip Bayless.

To be price, the 70-year-old analyst emphasized on how Lamar Jackson ‘crossed a line’ and ‘went over the edge’ when he spiked a ball and appeared to ream out team’s left tackle Ronnie for the above-mentioned reason.

Skip Bayless on Lamar Jackson losing cool on O-Line

Skip Bayless quoted on the latest episode of Undisputed, It’s one thing to fire the football. It’s another thing for Lamar — he just went over the edge. Then they get into a screaming match on live national TV. That didn’t look good. Great teams don’t do that. It doesn’t go that far.”

Fans would be aware that it isn’t the first time that Bayless has strongly opinionated on such matters. Previously he even suggested that Lamar Jackson is not happy with the Baltimore Ravens’ unwillingness to pay him as much as the Browns paid Deshaun Watson. But nothing solid followed after it.

Lamar Jackson
Lamar Jackson

That being said, all seems to be fine between Lamar Jackson and Ronnie Stanley even after this brief incident. The Ravens are 6-3 after their latest win and currently on a three-game winning streak entering Week 10.

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