Reigning Super Bowl Champion Odell Beckham Jr drops major hint of 4xMVP being his next Quarterback 


Many still believe that if it wasn’t for the ACL injury, Odell Beckham Jr could have well been the Super Bowl MVP last time around when the Los Angeles Rams won the silverware. Having been side-lined for months now, it seems like the 29-year-old has dropped major hint of who he could pair alongside in the 2022-23 season. 

Odell Beckham Jr.
Image Credits – Printveela

It is well known fact that the Green Bay Packers are missing a major piece in the form an experienced wide receiver, and Odell Beckham Jr could just be that missing piece which takes the spoken off team to the ultimate distance. Having pace as well as one of the safest hands in the game, Odell could well feature alongside 4xMVP Aaron Rodgers. 

While there needs to be no introduction given for Aaron Rodgers’ football acumen, an explicit wide receiver could do wonders for his Super Bowl aspirations as well. Being a free agent, Odell Beckham Jr has not been locked down by the Rams and there have been constant rumors about Packers swooping in with a chance. 

Does Odell Beckham Jr want to pair up with Aaron Rodgers? 

“AR (Aaron Rodgers) is too fire… Honestly, bro makes it look Effortless,” Odell Beckham Jr tweeted, referring to reigning MVP. In the overtime, Punter Mason Crosby successfully hit the 31-yard field goal and won the game, to seal a 3-game consecutive winning streak for the Green Bay Packers. 

“Who u tellin…That’s a different breed right there.” he wrote on Twitter. This triggered a new wave across social media. Speculations of the beast duo pairing up has spurred up the entire internet ever since. 

Given that Rodgers has 18 years of experience, Odell Beckham Jr’s explosive nature could just settle the entire offensive unit for the green army. When will we have an official word upon the same? Remains to be seen. 

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