“How dare you slap me?” Airport employee regrets messing with ex-NFL star Brendan Langley 

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There have been plenty of football professionals who have not been able to live up against the grandest of stars in the NFL. Denver Broncos’ ex-cornerback – Brendan Langley is one of those. Who has made it into the headlines. Not because of his return or brilliance on the field, but because of his heated physical-exchange with an airport employee. 

Brendan Langley

As per the Daily Mail, Brendan Langley and the spoken off employee got into a fist fight as the former NFL player used a wheelchair to transport his luggage, instead of using a luggage cart which costs just $5. A viral video of the same clip has gone viral, where millions could witness the duo throwing punches at each other. 

It is unclear who started the brawl, but there is one point in the viral clip where the United Airlines employee is seen slapping Brendan Langley. After which the former Broncos star breaks all hell loose on the other, unleashing a flurry of punches which sends the latter spinning over the baggage check-in counter, in blood. 

Brendan Langley released from police custody 

The spoken off incident took place at the Newark Liberty International Airport. However, this viral clip is said to be record on May 19. However, the former NFL player decided to clear his name and said that he only raised his arm in self-defense and even revealed that the airport suspended the employee from his services. 

Brendan Langley

That being said, Brendan Langley also took to his social media to narrate his side of the story and said that he felt there was a dire need to act, as he could visualize the employee going wild in aggression. 

On the same note, the airline quoted, “United Airlines does not tolerate violence of any kind at out airports or on board our planes. We are looking with local authorities in their investigation of this matter.” 

Brendan Langley was selected in the third round of the 2017 NFL Draft by the Denver Broncos and is currently playing in the Canadian Football League for the Calgary Stampeders. 

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