Jameis Winston’s replacement Andy Dalton lands on wrong side of league history 


New Orleans Saints haven’t had the best of starts in the 2022-23 season and are well on the way to rank even lower in their respective division, if they fail to get on track. Now with Jameis Winston looking to bounce back from injury, the duty to lead them back has fallen on the shoulders of Andy Dalton. 

CHICAGO, IL – AUGUST 14: Chicago Bears quarterback Andy Dalton 14 throws the football during a preseason game between the Chicago Bears and the Miami Dolphins on August 14, 2021 at Soldier Field in Chicago, IL. Photo by Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire NFL, American Football Herren, USA AUG 14 Preseason – Dolphins at Bears Icon164210814368

While the stakes are high in Cardinals vs Saints Week 7 contest, it seems like the latter team should think twice before opting for Andy Dalton as their numero uno Quarterback as his performance in the primetime games hasn’t been up to the mark. Well, that too seems like an understatement. 

Any Dalton has proven to be one of those Quarterbacks who have explicit talent, but hasn’t been able to showcase on the big stage. When Dalton has been in action, he’s proven to be a below average QB, especially in primetime games his performance seems to go even further downhill. 

Can Andy Dalton change his fate after replacing Jameis Winston? 

Safe to say if you’re a New Orleans Saints fan – the above mentioned stat does not indicate positive light for you. Given that this team is struggling to register wins, Andy Dalton’s unfortunate primetime record could even dig their hole of missing the playoffs deeper. However, Andy Dalton has looked decent while filling in for Jameis Winston in recent weeks. That only summarizes his leadership intent having played decently, Dalton hasn’t really done anything to lead his team to victory.  

"I feel like my experience will bring a lot"- Andy Dalton speaks up after joining the Saints
Andy Dalton speaks up after joining the Saints

That being said, one has to acknowledge that he definitely has looked better than a pretty beaten-up Winston during his time on the field, but it’s not as if he is winning games for New Orleans Saints. 

Jameis Winston

Dalton’s teams have not fared well in his recent primetime matchups, and if Winston has the ability to go, maybe he should be given the start. The important question remains whether or not we will witness Jameis Winston coming back to on-field action? And if not, will Andy Dalton be enough for the Saints?

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