Jalen Hurts’ Philadelphia Eagles and Dak Prescott’s Dallas Cowboys are locked in a tight race to clinch the NFC East supremacy. With both these players already proving their worth in the past, this season has been all about the legend of Jalen, whereas Prescott has only lingered with his thumb injury (suffered in the inaugural week).

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Jalen Hurts

While both these Quarterbacks need to introduction to any modern-day NFL fan, former linebacker – Bart Scott thinks Eagles’ #1 Quarterback is the best at the moment. On the most recent episode of ESPN’s Get Up, Scott explained just why.

He said, “Jalen Hurts is a better runner, and he’s more accurate right now. And he has better weapons on the outside. Jalen Hurts has passed Dak Prescott as far as the rankings at quarterback.”

Is Jalen Hurts really better than Dak Prescott?

Even when Mike Greenberg decided to bulge in into the discussion, with his case for Prescott. Scott was adamant that Jalen Hurts is better than Dak Prescott citing the numbers and stats.

If you think about it – Yes! Jalen Hurts has put up better numbers in the 2022-23 season than Prescott, who hasn’t even been the part of Cowboys’ upward trajectory. The latter was out of action for the first six weeks. However, his stint against the Bears proved just what he could do, when he’s ‘on’.

That being said, Jalen Hurts is amongst the prime candidates for this year’s MVP accolade. With his team not experiencing setbacks at all in this season, there can be no argument on how well this youngster has led an entire franchise.

Dak Prescott
Dak Prescott

But the more important question is – will he be able to do that in the postseason? Perhaps that should settle the battles on who is better between Jalen Hurts and Dak Prescott.

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