Tom Brady is currently enduring the toughest time in his professional career as his Tampa Bay Buccaneers sit 3-5 at second place in their respective division. After the conclusion of Week 8, the 2020 Super Bowl Champ have dropped three consecutive games, yet Ryan Clark feels that if any player has the capability to turn the fortune around for his own team – it is Tom Brady.

Tom Brady
Tom Brady

Bucs’ next contest is against the defending champions – Los Angeles Rams, who have always beaten them since the time Tom Brady has joined. On the latest episode of ESPN’s Get Up, Clark emphasized on how Brady has overcome every possible challenge in his 23-year-long career. Moreover, the spoken off team has already shown glimpses of how well they can defend but are just low on morale.

Ryan stated, “Tom Brady has built up so much emotional revenue for all of us. We believe that he could fic anything in any situation he’s in, he can be a part of the solution. We have also seen Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense be really good this year. We thought through the first two or three weeks of the season that they would be as dominant as they were on their playoff run.”

NFL Analyst stresses upon Tom Brady and Mike Evans’ chemistry

This season has clearly shown how Tom Brady is not enough to single-handedly lead the team to the winning line.

Mike Evans
Mike Evans

On the same note, Clark suggested how Mike Evans need to bring out his ‘A-Game’ and to use his experience to get his team out of this hole. He along with Tom Brady are the most reliable assets on the offensive end for this team, and how well can they provide for the Bucs when playing on the same wavelength.

“Mike Evans and Tom Brady have done amazing things together throughout the two years of two and a half years. Brady is there. So, it’s no reason to not think that things can get fixed.”

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