New Shoutout feature announced by Twitch


Twitch has a reputation for announcing new features for the platform on a regular basis. The latest Shoutout feature is simply one such feature, and fans are loving it.

Despite the controversies, Twitch is one of the most popular streaming platforms in the world. This is partially due to the number of interactive features it introduces regularly. Recently, the Amazon-owned platform introduced yet another feature called the ‘Shoutout’ feature, and the community is loving it.

The Shoutout feature went live on September 28th, so fans are very curious about the details of the feature. Here’s everything they need to know about the Shoutout feature on Twitch.

Twitch introduces Shoutout feature on the platform

Twitch introduced the new Shoutout feature to the platform. The Amazon-owned platform took to the Twitch Support Twitter account to inform fans of the new feature, which is already live. The Shoutout feature has been live on the platform since September 28, and the community has been quite impressed so far.

For the uninitiated, the Shoutout feature on Twitch allows creators to “share the love” by giving ‘shoutouts’ to specific fans or users within their community. When the creator is giving a shoutout to a specific user, they simply have to type “/shoutout” followed by the name of the user. Upon doing this, the user’s name will pop up on the top of the chat box for the remaining viewers to see.

Who can use the Shoutout feature?

So far, only creators or mods can use the latest Twitch feature. This has been done to prevent other viewers from spamming the creator’s chatbox. However, broadcasters can even deploy external mods to further enhance the Shoutout feature.

Streamers can also enable the auto-shoutout feature using their mods. This will save them from the effort of manually typing out the command to create a shoutout.

Twitch community appreciates the new feature

Unlike most of Twitch’s recent announcements, the shoutout feature was rather well-received by the community. Fans have been appreciating the feature a lot, stating that it is much better than most of the other bot features that Twitch introduces.

Check out some of the community reactions below:

Several fans pointed out that the feature was not entirely new to the streaming community since other platforms like Streamlabs had it already. However, the feature was still highly appreciated by the community since it was a nice interactive gesture by Twitch.

The Shoutout feature was released yesterday, and has already become a massive hit within the Twitch community.

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