Unlock the Power: Introducing the New S-Rank CUB Motorbolt in Punishing Gray Raven!


Do you know about the latest CUB Motorbolt Punishing Gray Raven? No? Dont worry, we have all the details about this new motorbolt.

In Punishing Gray Raven, the world continually evolves and every update is eagerly anticipated. The addition of the new S-Rank CUB Motorbolt has shocked the community. We’re excited to be the first to give you a full rundown of this game-changing update because we are huge fans of this exciting action RPG. Check out the table below for an overview of the new CUB Motorbolt Punishing Gray Raven.

Motorbolt CUB Punishing Gray Raven Characteristics
OriginOriginally Alpha’s motorcycle, Motorbolt underwent modifications to enhance its combat capabilities.
PreferenceMotorbolt prefers its original form but adapts to its portable mechanical incarnation for convenience.
RoleServes as a loyal companion to Alpha, offering high-speed joyrides and unwavering support in battle.
AppearanceFiery-red bike exudes power and resilience, blazing a trail of crimson lightning across the wastelands.
CUB Motorbolt in Punishing Gray Raven Skills
CUB Motorbolt in Punishing Gray Raven Skills

Introducing the Motorbolt CUB

The latest addition to the arsenal of Punishing Gray Raven characters, the Motorbolt CUB, is a testament to innovation and power. Designed to amplify Lucia: Crimson Weave’s capabilities, this new CUB Motorbolt Punishing Gray Raven promises to redefine combat dynamics within the game.

Passive Skill: Combat Unit Booster

The CUB Motorbolt Punishing Gray Raven has a great passive skill. The main thing that makes it useful on the battlefield is that it has a passive skill called Combat Unit Booster. This skill raises Lucia’s potential to unimaginable heights by making her stronger in battle. It guarantees her victory in any situation.

Skill Overview

Let’s look more closely at Motorbolt’s skills, which were all carefully designed to make Lucia stronger and turn the tide of fight in her favor:

Burst Booster

Motorbolt’s Active Skill hits opponents hard and instantly deals a lot of damage. This makes enemies afraid and makes Lucia even more of a dangerous opponent.

Light Streaks

When the carrier uses Motorbolt’s Active Skill, their ATK goes up by a certain amount. This makes them more effective and helps them win battles quickly and easily.

Unquenchable Fortitude

Lucia’s synergy with Motorbolt reaches new heights with the Unquenchable Fortitude skill, empowering her to unleash devastating attacks with unparalleled precision and ferocity, leaving adversaries trembling in her wake.

Thrill of Accel

The Thrill of Accel skill shows how dedicated Motorbolt is to greatness. It gives the rider a big boost to ATK, making sure that every attack hits with unmatched power and precision.

Wedged Lightning

In a manner that appears to be an attempt to capture the very essence of lightning itself, Motorbolt bestows upon its bearer an enhancement in Lightning DMG, therefore transforming the battlefield into a raging storm of devastation and mayhem.

CUB Motorbolt Punishing Gray Raven Origins and Characteristics


CUB Motorbolt Punishing Gray Raven origins trace back to Alpha, whose unwavering determination led to the creation of this mechanical marvel. Motorbolt shows how creative and clever Alpha can be when things go wrong. It was created out of necessity and was driven by innovation.


Even though it’s small, Motorbolt gives off an air of confidence and toughness, just like its master, Alpha. Motorbolt burns through the wastelands, leaving its enemies in awe of its sheer strength and speed. It does this with fiery drive and unshakable loyalty.

Unleashing Motorbolt’s Offensive Arsenal

Cub Motorbolt
Cub Motorbolt

Sparking Assault

Motorbolt’s Sparking Assault skill is the very definition of destruction. It strikes enemies without warning and leaves a path of chaos and destruction in its wake.

Drifting Gale

When the fight is really going on, Motorbolt’s Drifting Gale skill is the best. It attacks enemies with lightning-infused rage that leaves them stunned by how powerful it is.

Finally, the addition of the new S-Rank CUB Motorbolt Punishing Gray Raven marks the start of a new age of power and domination in the world of Punishing Gray Raven. Motorbolt is ready to change the very nature of battle, leaving a lasting mark on all who dare to question its dominance. Its abilities and flexibility are unmatched.

CUB Motorbolt Punishing Gray Raven FAQs

What is CUB Motorbolt in Punishing Gray Raven?

CUB Motorbolt is a new S-Rank combat unit introduced in Punishing Gray Raven, designed to enhance the abilities of Lucia: Crimson Weave.

How does CUB Motorbolt enhance gameplay?

CUB Motorbolt amplifies Lucia’s combat capabilities through passive and active skills, offering increased damage output and lightning-infused attacks.

What are the active skills of CUB Motorbolt?

The active skills of CUB Motorbolt include Burst Booster, Light Streaks, Unquenchable Fortitude, Thrill of Accel, and Wedged Lightning, each contributing to enhanced combat effectiveness.

How does CUB Motorbolt interact with Lucia: Crimson Weave?

With Lucia equipped, CUB Motorbolt synergizes with her abilities, providing additional damage boosts and lightning-based attacks, further augmenting her combat prowess.

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