Matt Ryan has been good for the Los Angeles Lakers but many wonder what teams he played for earlier

Matt Ryan had only played one NBA game for the Boston Celtics before joining the Los Angeles Lakers this season. Ryan played 30 games in the 2021-22 G League for the Grand Rapids Gold and the Maine Celtics. Ryan spent the 2021 preseason with the Denver Nuggets and from there joined the Gold.

Ryan was then picked up by the Boston Celtics on a two-way deal to fill Sam Hauser’s spot. This gave Ryan a chance to play NBA minutes while continuing in the G League. Matt Ryan played only one game for the Boston Celtics and in 5 minutes of action scored 3 points.

Matt Ryan

The Celtics parted ways with Matt Ryan this summer. He then joined the Los Angeles Lakers for preseason and training camps. The Lakers then confirmed that Ryan would make the roster for the start of the regular season. Ryan has taken hold of this opportunity and looks set to do what it takes to stay in the NBA.

Matt Ryan’s story is a big one this season as just last year he was working for DoorDash and UberEats. His perseverance and hard work have earned him a place on the Lakers roster this year.

Will the Lakers give Matt Ryan more minutes?

Matt Ryan looks like a solid shooter and a decent role player if used correctly. This benefits the Los Angeles Lakers this season as they have a clear lack of shooters at the moment. In addition to this, Ryan is not afraid of the moment and will shoot his shot whenever needed.

Matt Ryan NBA

Matt Ryan has looked good this season with the Lakers and figures to be a big part of their rotation. He recently hit a buzzer-beater 3-pointer against the New Orleans Pelicans to send the game to overtime. Inan interview following the game, he said he felt like LeBron James.

Ryan is one of the NBA’s biggest feel-good stories this season. If he keeps shooting well and playing good defense, he could carve out a role for himself in the NBA.

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