NBA superstars are real-life superheroes to thousands of young kids across the world – a notion which was only strengthened when Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving made a young fan happy with just a simple reaction.

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Watch when Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving made a fan happy with a simple reaction 3

A young fan was on the sidelines with his parents to see the Brooklyn Nets in action and looked thrilled to see his heroes take centre stage – but little did he know that his night was about to get a significant lot better.

As his parents filmed the situation, the kid noticed two of the biggest superstars in the NBA in Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving sitting on the bench. Much like it was expected, the kid called out for Kevin Durant sitting only two rows ahead of him, and only after calling him for a couple of times – Durant turned around to acknowledge him.

Durant turned around to acknowledge the source of the shouts, and initially looked perplexed – but his reaction changed to a much warmer reaction the moment he saw that it was a young fan trying to get his affection. Durant nodded at the kid with a smile on his face to acknowledge him, and when the camera panned to the kid – it was seen that the kid was thrilled and pulsating with excitement to have his hero smiling at him from two rows away.

Later in the same clip, the kid shouted at Kyrie to get his attention – and was visibly pleased when Kyrie turned back and responded. “What’s up boss?” asked Irving, as the response visibly made the young fan’s night.

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving worked out together recently

The Brooklyn Nets superstar duo was seen to be working out together despite their individual futures at the franchise being very much in doubt.

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Watch when Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving made a fan happy with a simple reaction 4

With Durant asking for a trade away from the Nets and the Nets being open to offloading Irving, it is very much in doubt whether both players will continue at the Nets – but the pair linked up with Milwaukee Hawks guard Trae Young in training as seen on Young’s Instagram page lately.

It is yet to be seen whether the pair continue at the Nets, but that has not stopped them from preparing vigorously for the upcoming season.

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