Kevin Durant has developed a bit of a reputation for having apt and prompt responses to any negative comments that comes his way on social media.

Being very much in character, the Brooklyn Nets small forward has added another instance to his ever-growing repertoire of witty comebacks when he responded with a single word to a dig aimed at him in the newest episode of “Hard Knocks.”

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Kevin Durant has one word answer for 'calf raise' dig from 'Hard Knocks’ 3

The second episode of “Hard Knocks: Training Camp With The Detroit Lions” which is the newest rendition of the real sports documentary television show heavily features second-year wide receiver Amon-Ra St. Brown and his family – and it is the wide receiver’s dad who ended up taking an unprovoked shot at Durant out of nowhere.

John Brown, who was a two-time Mr. Universe bodybuilder in the 1980s suddenly aimed Kevin Durant out of nowhere on the aforementioned episode of “Hard Knocks.” When talking about how he keeps his sons fit, Brown firstly commented that one has to train their whole body before inadvertently aiming the NBA superstar.

To stress the importance of training one’s entire body, Brown said: “Kevin Durant and these guys mess their Achilles up. I have a question for guys like Kevin Durant: when was the last time you did a calf raise?” The unprovoked dig caused ripples on social media platforms, and sooner than later Durant shot back in signature fashion.


The NBA superstar quote tweeted the excerpt with just a single word answer: “Today”, which was enough to send NBA Twitter into a meltdown. The tweet has since gone viral and has proved to be another one of Durant’s hilarious comebacks to slander.

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Kevin Durant has one word answer for 'calf raise' dig from 'Hard Knocks’ 4

Amidst his push for a trade from the Nets in this offseason, Durant’s hilarious ability to shove off criticism has once again caught attention on social media. Although his future with the Brooklyn outfit might still hang in the balance, one thing is for certain, his Twitter shenanigans are not drying up soon.

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