Kevin Durant’s fan base has another reputed addition as rapper Jay Electronica has recently claimed that the Brooklyn Nets small forward is the greatest basketball player of all time.

The NBA superstar has often been questioned for his tendency to switch teams in order to contend for the NBA Championship, but his ability on the court is unquestionable.

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“KD is the GOAT herder” – Jay Electronica claims that Kevin Durant is the greatest ever player 3

Even though Durant is hardly named in the same tier as absolute greats of the game such as LeBron James, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Michael Jordan, he has his own set of followers who would swear that he will probably go down as one of the greatest players ever to step foot on a basketball court.

While there are already many who share that opinion, rapper Jay Electronica proved to be the most recent addition to the list of people with that train of thought as we found out recently. When Electronica and Durant linked up on an Instagram live stream, the New Orleans rapper shared his opinion about Durant with an analogy that would go viral on social media soon after.


Electronica was quoted to have been saying: “All those guys with the ball, the handles, the rings, they’re GOATS. What about KD? I say nah, KD ain’t the GOAT. KD is like me. KD is the GOAT herder. We round up the GOATS. We lead the GOATS.”

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“KD is the GOAT herder” – Jay Electronica claims that Kevin Durant is the greatest ever player 4

In simpler terms, instead of calling him the “greatest of all time” in a plain and simple way, Electronica went a level higher as he put Durant on the pedestal of being the man who herds the ‘GOATs’ as in rounding them up and leading them a metaphor that fits Electronica’s worthy reputation of being one of the cleverest rappers around at the moment.

Despite being one of the most respected MCs around, Electronica does not get his flowers too often and is often left out of top-tier conversations, much like Kevin Durant. The analogy makes perfect sense to describe Durant from the point of view of a fan, and there will probably be plenty of people who would agree with Electronica’s perspective.

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