LeBron James and Jason Kidd have worked with each other in the past. Right before the latter’s tenure as the Dallas Mavericks’ Head Coach, he looked after the Los Angeles Lakers consisting of the 4-time NBA Champ.

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LeBron James

Given that both of them share a positive bond already, Kidd just handed Bron another reason to smile whilst breaking the record for most appearances on Christmas Day. Not only did he complement his former colleague, by did him whilst complaining to the referee about him travelling with the ball, based on the new rules.

“That’s for college to call travel. This is the NBA. [LeBron] right here travels too. Those are nice shoes by the way,” Kidd said.

LeBron James handed 4th straight loss by Jason Kidd, Luka Doncic

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Jason Kidd and LeBron James

Despite LeBron James dropping a game-high 38-point performance, his team once again showed just why they lack the firepower to challenge for the title. Being ahead by 11 points until halftime, Jason Kidd’s team blew the Purple and Gold army away by dropping a mammoth total of 51 points in the third quarter.

Having to chase the game ever since, the faces of Anthony Davis and LeBron James spoke volumes of what is wrong in the organization at the moment. The tally of 51 points was the most in any single quarter on Christmas Day in League’s history.

While Mavericks registered their 18th win of the season, being one win behind Utah Jazz for the 7th seed, Lakers registered their 4th straight loss, starting their 5-game journey on the road. Will these voids ever come to an end? Or are they set to miss the playoffs for the second time in a row.

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