LeBron James sends Christmas message to family after being away from them for record-breaking 17th time


LeBron James has been away from his family and friends for a record 17th time on this Christmas Day. Breaking the record of Lakers legend Kobe Bryant with this appearance, the 37-year-old was surely wearing his heart out on the sleeve right before the tipoff at American Airlines Center.

LeBron James
LeBron James

The 4-time Champion might be without his partner-in-crime, Anthony Davis, but showed signs of optimism by remembering his kids and family. Perhaps getting the motivation he requires to break his team’s 3-game losing streak.

“I know I’m not with y’all today, but I do miss Savannah, Bronny, Bruce, Zhuri, my momma. See y’all soon, love y’all. To the NBA, I appreciate y’all allowing me to play on Christmas once again. Love, love, love!,” James said whilst preparing for the showdown.

LeBron James sends out Christmas Love

LeBron James has been featuring in the Christmas Day lineup since his rookie season. More precisely this is his 17th appearance. Knowing the legacy of James, he could well be derived as the King of Christmas Day as he has represented all his 3 teams.

lebron james 3
LeBron James

The 4-time NBA MVP and Champion has played 8 games as a Cavalier, 4 as a member of the Miami Heat and 3 as a Los Angeles Laker.

That being said, LeBron James is averaging 27.4 points, 8.2 rebounds, 6.7 assists and 1.2 steals per game. His individual excellence hasn’t translated to consistent success for the Lakers at large. Hopefully for the Purple and Gold army, this Christmas Day could bring the much-required change for the Lakers they desperately want. What drama awaits? Remains to be seen.

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