“I will beat you” – Skip Bayless doesn’t want LeBron James but this star despite 46 points from King James against Clippers


Skip Bayless has yet again tried to shoot arrows against the King, LeBron James. James’ astounding performance against the Clippers did not impress Skip.

Los Angeles Lakers (22-26) went up against their archrivals Los Angeles Clippers (26-24) on Tuesday. Their inconsistent performance handed another embarrassing loss going 133-115. LeBron James scored 46 points in the matchup alongside 8 rebounds and 7 assists.

Skip Bayless Lebron James
Skip Bayless and LeBron James

Despite Lebron’s attempts to secure wins for Lakers they end up on the losing side. Skip Bayless trolled James in the sneakiest way possible. He tweeted after James’ 46-point beauty, “You can have LeBron James. I’ll take Kawhi Leonard, and I will beat you.”

What Skip Bayless wanted to indicate was that the partnership between LeBron James and Los Angeles Lakers doesn’t guarantee a victory. He said he could have Kawhi Leonard in his team and would still end up winning against a team with LeBron.

Skip Bayless might have seen LeBron James’ tired look after defeat against Clippers

LeBron James’ worn out reaction during the game against Clippers was thoroughly upsetting for the NBA fans. At the age of 46, James blasted 46 points against LA city rivals, securing his career high 9 3-pointers in a game.

LeBron James traded 1
Image Source: Sports Illustrated

He even secured a record of becoming a player to score 40 points against all 30 teams in the NBA after his performance. “I wanted Bron to get 40 so he could have 40 against every team,” Clippers coach Ty Lue, who coached James in Cleveland, said with a laugh. “Nah. I mean, he had it going.”

Even after coming close to Kareem Abdul Jabbar in the all-time scoring list, Skip Bayless has the guts to trolls the great LeBron James. He has pulled himself within 178 points of Jabbar’s 38,387.

“We’ll see when we get there,” James said of surpassing the former Lakers great. “We’ll see what, will it hit me? Just over the last few years, the last couple years since we won a championship, just a lot of accomplishments have been happening in a losing effort.”

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