Patrick Beverley reveals how LeBron James reacted in the locker room after Celtics beat the Lakers


Patrick Beverley went on to take the camera right in front of the face of the NBA ref when they swallowed their whistle on a clear-cut Jayson Tatum foul on LeBron James in the last second of the regulation time. While the Celtics went on to beat the demoralized LA lakers in OT, the veteran guard revealed how the 38-year-old Power Forward reacted in the team’s locker room.

Jayson Tatum fouling LeBron James

The four-time NBA Champion dropped a game-high 41 points against the Celtics at TD Garden, which is one of the toughest road venues to play on, and that is just why he could not hold his calm together even in the locker room.

LeBron James’ animated reaction and then his walkout of the Garden even before the game clock timed out indicated just how frustrated he was with the officiating.

Patrick Beverley on LeBron James’ reaction

Patrick said, “I told him in the locker room, ‘Man, I’ve been around you 13-14 years bro, I ain’t never seen you react like that.’ He’s like, ‘I ain’t gonna lie man, I almost lost my sh*t.'”

In the month of January alone, the Lakers could have won different games on the last drive. However, in all of those occasions wherein a foul was imminent, the refs did not blow their whistle. Perhaps that is just what makes the frustration of Bron, Beverley and so many other Los Angeles Lakers players so evident.

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