“Don’t get it”: LeBron James questions why NBA referees are not able to spot clutch foul calls


The Los Angeles Lakers lost another clutch game in OT, this time against the Boston Celtics. However, this time they truly deserved to secure the win in regulation time as Jayson Tatum clearly hit the arm of LeBron James whilst the latter tried to score on the last drive of the game. With 3 players guarding the rim, the 38-year-old was left fuming as the NBA refs yet again swallowed their whistles.

LeBron James was furious after he did not get a clear foul
LeBron James was furious after he did not get a clear foul

When the NBA referees ignored the call, LeBron James lost his cool. A sight that was different than other instances involving the King. This time the King wasn’t complaining but was agitated after the partiality.

Although LeBron dropped a game-high 41 points yet his team suffered another loss. Enduring their 27th loss of the 2022-23 season.

LeBron James questions NBA referees ignoring clutch calls

After the loss LeBron James was asked about his true feelings by the media, “It’s challenging, really challenging. I don’t get it. I’m attacking the paint just as much as any of the other guys in this league shooting double-digit free throws a night. I don’t get it. I don’t understand it.”

That being said, it might be a step too far to suggest that there is an agenda against LeBron James or the Lakers, they are arguably the most popular player and franchise in the NBA. Although, it has been 3 games now that the NBA referees have ignored a clutch foul on one of the LA Lakers’ players.

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