Magic Johnson is the latest person to join the bandwagon for slamming NBA refs


When LeBron James was slammed by Jayson Tatum on his arm on the very last drive in the Lakers vs. Celtics game on Saturday, many expected the King to be sent to the FT line to decide the game. Similar was the thought of Hall of Famer Magic Johnson, who couldn’t believe how the NBA refs have been ignoring his Lakers.

Magic Johnson LeBron James
LeBron James and Magic Johnson

This is the third time in the month of January that the Los Angeles Lakers have eventually lost a game after the NBA refs ignored a clutch foul. While LeBron was frustrated on the court along with other teammates of his, Magic Johnson too couldn’t control his agitation.

“In last night’s Lakers loss to the (Boston) Celtics the referees completely blew the call on LeBron in the closing seconds. What made it worse is there was a referee right up under the basket watching the play unfold!” Magic Johnson tweeted.

Magic Johns slams NBA refs

In a separate tweet, Magic wrote, “The blown call put a damper on otherwise a great day of rivalry basketball. It was a big showcase for the NBA and the games were spectacular and amazing!”

Johnson even wrote how Jayson Tatum was himself smiling on the court as the NBA refs gave him the benefit of doubt. That being this incident just raises the concern of the LA Lakers franchise base would be concerned as how the NBA refs have consistently ignored their plays. Would this cost them their postseason spot? Remains to be seen.

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