“The crew missed the play,” NBA Crew Chief Eric Lewis accepts the foul missed by referees following Lakers vs Celtics


The NBA Crew Chief accepts foul call. He has delivered his verdict on the controversial foul made by Jayson Tatum on LeBron James in the dying minutes of the game between Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics.

The NBA Official posted the result of the ruckus caused on court by referees missing out on an important and clear foul. The said that the Boston Globe’s Adam Himmelsbach and Crew Chief Eric Lewis conducted ‘The Pool Report’ interview after the Lakers’ 27th loss of the 2022-23 season.

Patrick Beverley
Patrick Beverley

The first issue addressed was Patrick Beverley’s technical foul. That decision seemed imminent as he brought a camera on the, court roasting the referees for their unintelligent foul call. The question put up was, “Why was Patrick Beverley assessed a technical foul at the end of regulation?” Crew Chief answered, “His actions were inappropriate in addressing resentment to a non-call.”

He was further questioned if Patrick Beverley was trying to show something on the camera. He answered, “Yes, that was part of his inappropriate actions.”

Crew Chief responds to the contact made on LeBron James, accepts foul

Adam Himmelsbach asked the Crew Chief on his thoughts on the contact after the game. “It looked like there was contact on LeBron’s drive at the end of regulation. Why was there no foul call there and what did you see there?” Adam asked.

LeBron James was furious after he did not get a clear foul
LeBron James was furious after he did not get a clear foul

Eric Lewis replied, “There was contact. At the time, during the game, we did not see a foul. The crew missed the play.” The team sitting on the 13th position in the Western Conference table would understand the value of a missed foul. It resulted in overtime, where Celtics got the better off Lakers.

The game was tied at 105-105 and LeBron had already bagged 41 points under his name. He drove the ball into the paint and Jayson Tatum was clearly seen hitting the left arm of LeBron James. It resulted in a failed basket attempt. Lebron was seen agitated on the court, sitting on his knees praying for the referees to overturn their decision.

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