Jayson Tatum shies away from speaking on controversial foul against LeBron James


Jayson Tatum seemed to have no option to stop LeBron James from making the game-winning bucket other than fouling him with less than 4 seconds remaining on the clock. The Celtics star not only fouled LeBron but even got away with it as the NBA refs refused to blow the whistle to decide the game from the free-throw line.

LeBron James furious
LeBron James furious

Being on the back of a 3-game losing streak, Celtics were able to finally clinch a win at the expense of LeBron James. Although Jaylen Brown took over in OT as he scored 11 points to secure a 125-121 win against the Purple and Gold, Tatum refused t give any weightage to the non-foul call at the end of regulation time.

“The last two minutes and overtime was a blur. I don’t really know what happened,” Tatum said, per NBC Sports.

Jayson Tatum refuses to acknowledge foul on LeBron James

He might not acknowledge it but Jayson Tatum knows very well what happened. He was the one who committed the foul anyway. But why should he even acknowledge it when the entire blame goes to the refs? Safe to say, it’s not Jayson Tatum who made the mistake and he simply benefited from it.

Jayson Tatum
Jayson Tatum

While LeBron James and Anthony Davis were utterly frustrated with the call, nothing can be done now. Boston Celtics have broken their 3-game losing streak and have secured a hard-fought win.

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