LeBron James once again sets wild NBA record despite Celtics controversially edging past Lakers


LeBron James dropped yet another 40-point performance in a lost cause. However, this time you do have to feel bad for the 38-year-old veteran and his Los Angeles Lakers. Despite giving their all, they had to bear the consequences of a clear-cut foul. Not only were their morals downplayed in OT but the frustration reached its peak.

Anthony Davis and Lebron James said the referees cheated
Anthony Davis and Lebron James said the referees cheated

While the Los Angeles Lakers were forced to endure yet another loss in a controversial manner, no one can argue against why the NBA refs did not blow the whistle. On the same note, LeBron James’ 40-point game managed to edge his name in a wild NBA record.

King James now has 100 30-point games for the Lakers, making him the first player in league history to do so for three different franchises, per ESPN Stats & Info.

LeBron James frustrated after the loss against Celtics

This is a testament to how LeBron James has sustained dominance over his 20-year NBA career so far. It’s definitely an underrated aspect of his game, but the Los Angeles Lakers superstar continues to defy father time and show everyone he still has plenty of basketball left in him. Hopefully, the 38-year-old can break many more records by the time he steps on the NBA hardwood.

LeBron James traded
LeBron James

The Los Angeles Lakers are now 23-27 and will be making their way to New York to face the Brooklyn Nets (on Monday) and then New York Knicks.

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