“Literally one of my fav songs he’s ever done! PERIOD” – LeBron James shares which Nas song is his favourite

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LeBron James has recently shared which Nas song is his favourite.

Lebron James

LeBron James is widely known as one of the best players in the game right now and is widely regarded by many as one of the greatest to ever play the game. While on the basketball court, James is known for his dunking as well as his speed and strength, he is known for his enthusiasm for sports his love for fancy vehicles, and his affinity for hip hop off the court.

The Los Angeles Lakers superstar’s love for the genre is something that has been relevant for a long time, as LeBron is usually one of the first celebrities to react to most new hip hop albums out.

In fact, whenever a reputed rapper releases an album, one of the first reactions to the album is usually King James nodding his head or rapping along to the album in the gym or in his car.

Naturally, it is well known that LeBron is a huge fan for hip hop. The four time NBA champion and four time NBA MVP have another instance of his love for the genre when he reacted to a Nas song – and showered the New York native rapper with the highest respect.

What did LeBron have to say about Nas?

LeBron took to his Twitter to give his opinion on a particular Nas song that he loves.

Quoting a tweet by NBA analyst @CuffsTheLegend that featured the Nas song “The Last N***a Alive” captioned with “Still an absolute lyrical masterpiece”, LeBron added his own caption including the lyrics to the song that said it all about how big of a hip hop nerd he actually is.

LeBron wrote: “”Y’all don’t know about my Biggie wars! Who you think ‘Kick In The Door’ was for but that’s my Heart! Y’all still trippin off that Jigga!” King James also added “Literally one of my fav songs he’s ever done! PERIOD” – confirming his affection for the said song.

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