“Not a very Liverpool colour” – LeBron James LFC Nike LeBron 9 Low fails to win over Liverpool fans

LeBron James’ latest shoes in association with Liverpool Football Club has failed to win over the fans of the English soccer team.

LeBron James is widely known for being one of the best players in the game right now, as well as one of the greatest basketball players of all time. On the basketball court, LeBron is known for his incredible dunking ability, his enormous wingspan and his never give up mentality, while off the court, LeBron is known for an affinity towards cars, hip hop and Liverpool Football Club.

The Nike LeBron 9 Lows

It is a well-known fact that LeBron is a diehard supporter of the soccer team based in Liverpool, England. In fact, LeBron also has a 2% stake in the English soccer club – and often tweets about his team in order to stay in touch with the club’s world-famous following. However, LeBron’s latest attempt to interact with the Liverpool fans has not exactly gone according to his plan.

LeBron James has recently released the new collection of his personal line of shoes in association with Liverpool FC, but it has been met with a mixed reception by Liverpool fans.

The shoes, titled as the LFC Nike LeBron 9 Low shoes were revealed to have been released by the official Twitter account of the club, but the reception it got was not what LeBron planned.

What did Liverpool fans have to say about the latest LeBron James shoes?

It would not be an exaggeration to say that not all Liverpool fans liked the new pair of shoes.

LeBron James Liverpool

Replying to the tweet titled “Liverpool FC x @KingJames: The LFC Nike LeBron 9 Low has arrived”, many fans voiced their frustration about things such as the colour or the price of the shoes.

While one fan wrote “Not a very Liverpool colour” to describe the teal coloured shoes, another asked: “You seriously think people are going to spend £170 on them when we are on the verge of a huge cost of living crisis?

It would be fair to say that the shoes have not been a smash hit so far, although time might be kinder to the latest line of shoes by the Los Angeles Lakers superstar.

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