“Kevin Durant saved Steph Curry’s legacy and wrecked LeBron’s” – Skip Bayless shares his opinion as to why Kevin Durant is higher than LeBron James in latest NBA Top Rankings

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Kevin Durant is back in the news, as Skip Bayless has backed his legacy over the likes of LeRron James and Steph Curry as the latest NBA Top Rankings were revealed.

Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant is almost always in the headlines for something or the other. The Brooklyn Nets man is one of the most relevant basketball players of his generation, because if he is not in the news for his incredible ability, he will certainly be in the headlines for his social media activity or when someone makes their usually harsh opinion known about him – not this time though.

NBA analyst Skip Bayless – notorious for a hot take or two – has come out to defend Durant as the latest NBA Top Rankings were released, and Durant was ranked higher than the Los Angeles Lakers’ LeBron James. While many people disagreed with the rankings, Bayless spoke of his opinion that the rankings are right–and Durant deserves his high spot of third, just behind Giannis Antetokounmpo and Steph Curry.

Speaking on the latest episode of Skip and Shannon: Undisputed alongside Shannon Sharpe, Bayless spoke about how he feels Durant deserved a rating higher than LeBron James (#7) ahead of the upcoming NBA season. And to the surprise of nobody in particular, the audacious take from the high profile NBA analyst went viral on social media platforms in next to no time.

What did Skip Bayless have to say about Kevin Durant’s legacy?

Skip Bayless did not mince his words about what he thinks of KD’s legacy.

Skip Bayless
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When Shannon Sharpe raised a point about the media giving Durant a free pass despite his lack of leadership, Bayless disagreed and spoke about the Brooklyn Nets superstar’s achievements in his 15 year long career.

When Sharpe brought up the age old discussion of Durant’s achievements excluding his Golden State Warriors spell, an exasperated Bayless replied: “You should be relieved that LeBron is as high as 7 on this list. LeBron led the Fakers to a 33-49 record and they missed the Play-In Tournament. With LeBron on your team, how do you do that?

Bayless later quote tweeted the video and added the caption: “Kevin Durant saved Steph Curry’s legacy and wrecked LeBron’s. He went into his house and MVP’d him. More @undisputed, now on FS1.

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