NBA Legend Stephen Curry shares seating details along with his epic monologue at ESPYs 2022 as he gets hilarious reactions from the fans.

Stephen Curry dominated the Celtics in the finals and now has caused a riot on social media after videos of him hosting the ESPYS along with sharing seating details came out. 

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Stephen Curry hosted the ESPYs this year (San Francisco Chronicles)

Several fans took note of the superstar’s humorous side and sent in their reactions to the event on social media sites. At first, one hilarious video of the Director’s cut came where Steph was seen sharing the seating details and all the fans made some hilarious statements. 

Fans made some hilarious comments on Instagram:

One fan stated, Lebron and Celtics fans are salty! #nightnight 😂

Another fan liked Steph’s Michael Jordan comment, as he wrote: That Michael Jordan comment tho 😂😂

Another user wrote, Steph you’re hilarious bro 😂😂😂😂

You are the real man 🔥🔥🔥, o happy for you Steph and great job in championships and more to come.👏👏 and many fans react with the smiling emoji.

Below you can see the full video:

Fans send in comical reactions to Curry’s monologue at the ESPYS

Stephen Curry was asked to host this year’s ESPYS which he did in the most hilarious manner possible. The NBA Champion took a jab at the Boston Celtics right from the start.

I’m your host Stephen Curry. Proud husband of Ayesha Curry. Proud son of Dell Curry. Proud daddy of… The Boston Celtics”

Curry set the mood for the night when he took a shot at former teammate Kevin Durant as well. With Curry doing the hosting, no one was safe from being roasted by “The Human Torch.”

Here are some of the best reactions from Twitter about Curry’s comic timing and to the event as well:

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